Instagram now allows you to post photos and videos directly from desktop computers

The Instagram user community had been asking for a desktop version for years to post photos and videos.

Photo: KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP / Getty Images

In its new update, the social platform Instagram now allows its users to upload images and videos directly from desktop computers.

Previously, the social network, owned by Facebook, only allowed posts from a mobile device.

This represents the main innovation, among a series of new features that Instagram announced for its users, with which he aspires to “provide new ways of expressing himself, telling stories and connecting with his audience” through new applications for “Reels” and for ‘feed’, he said in a statement.

Reels are the vertical format of short videos, similar to the TikTok platform.

The community of Instagram users have been requesting a desktop version for this feature for years and will now be able to post images and videos less than a minute in length directly from a desktop browser.

Other new functions released, is the case of collaborations (Collabs) that allow users to be co-authors of publications in the “feed” and in “Reels”.

Through the tagging screen, users can now invite to collaborate from another account on a post or Reel.

In case the invited user accepts, it will also appear in the header and the publication will be shared on both follower accounts.

The publication or the Reel will appear in both ‘feeds’ with a count of visits, a different one of ‘likes’, but a thread of shared comments.

Instagram created a new independent space, which is accessed directly from the user’s profile, and allows you to create a non-profit fundraising campaign.

This function existed previously, although not independently.

In its ‘Reels’ format, Instagram presented its Superbeat and Dynamic lyrics functions as news for music videos.

With Superbeat special effects can be intelligently added to the beat of the song and through Dynamic or 3D lyrics, users can display the lyrics of the song on the screen and also reduce editing times.

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