Instagram says it will focus on videos, messages and creators in 2022

After a year of many controversies regarding Instagram, the CEO Adam mosseri You have now shared what the key priorities of the app will be in 2022.

To stay relevant, Instagram will redouble its focus on video. This means you can expect a lot more reel features and a timeline that prioritizes videos over any other content.

This change comes with TikTok that continues to grow year after year. and it is the only application that is not from Goal which has more than 3 billion downloads worldwide.

These are the priorities of the social network for 2022.

Two important topics were video, our focus on Reels, start to consolidate our video format and create new creative tools, and control, giving people more ways to shape Instagram to be the best for them with things like controlling sensitive content, with the ability to hide like accounts. , with the extension of hidden words to direct messages.

(…) We are going to redouble our focus on video, we are no longer just an application to share photos, and we will consolidate all our video formats in Reels and we will continue to grow that product.

Instagram will focus on ‘Video’

It is important to note that in October, Instagram said “Video” it was the new home for IGTV, live videos and live broadcasts.

From now on, this function appears right next to Reels, But maybe the company is still planning to integrate all of its video formats, as none of its non-Instagram apps took off, as did Threads.

Another focus on Instagram in 2022 will be transparency. Although people still find this claim incomplete, Mosseri has gone ahead to inform people about how Instagram works.

Earlier this year, he posted stories about the app’s algorithm and introduced new control features – after the kids’ Instagram controversy, of course. Mosseri says:

Not only are we going to redouble our work on controls, but we are going to expand to do more around transparency.

We believe that it is important for people to understand how Instagram works if they are going to shape what they want or what is best for them.

Unfortunately, Mosseri has no news of the long-awaited application of iPad for Instagram.

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