Instagram tests Artificial Intelligence that scans users’ faces to verify their age

The new system facilitates the process to determine whether or not a user meets the minimum age to have an account on the social network

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Instagram began testing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that is responsible for verifying the age of users by scanning their faces through the front camera of their phones. the new system is part of the platform’s efforts to expand verification mechanisms within the social network in such a way that users do not consume content that is not suitable for them.

According to Instagram’s internal policies, a person can only create a user profile if they are 13 years of age or older. Otherwise, Instagram can delete said profile.

However, until now the social network had not made efforts to implement this aspect of its internal policies, so there was no mechanism to know if this was being done or not.

Such was the lack of verification by Instagram, that the company until 2019 did not ask new users to enter their date of birthso there was no detailed record of the age of each of them.

This has been changing because now when a person tries to change their date of birth after creating their account, Instagram asks them to send photos of their identity documents to verify their date of birth. Now with the new system, they will also have the ability to use an AI to scan their faces, so they don’t need to share their personal information.

Likewise users will also have the option of selecting the “social verification” option, which enables Instagram to contact 3 mutual followers to certify that the age the user claims to beit is real.

In this case, These followers must all be over 18 years of age and will also have to answer the required information within a period not exceeding 3 days..

It should be noted that the AI ​​system that Instagram will begin to use is not its property, since it is part of an agreement with a company called Yoti, which is a benchmark in terms of identity verification.

This has allowed it to have the endorsement of countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany to be able to operate on digital platforms in those nations.

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