Intel mocks Apple after Mac processor change

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Intel mocks… Apple? The company has attracted attention in recent days, by launching a banner ad in which it appears to poke fun at the performance of Apple devices.

But, what is the reason for this sudden signaling? Here we tell you!

  • A campaign by the American company Intel has attracted the attention of Internet users thanks to a peculiar message in which it mocks Apple
  • The company specialized in processors highlighted the performance of its brand and pointed out the supposed ‘slowness’ with which a Mac device operates
  • Apple has already replaced Intel processors with its own, ending with this decision a partnership of more than 15 years between Intel and Apple

In recent days, Intel Corporation, the processor giant, launched an advertising campaign on social networks, where one of the details that most caught the attention of Internet users was an alleged mockery of the company to one of its closest rivals: Apple .

In its advertising, Intel compared the superiority of its devices and its processors, highlighting a supposed low performance in processors made by Apple.

It was on the social network Twitter where Intel’s message to Apple was evidenced. A few tweets from Intel in which they highlighted the performance of their computers were enough to capture the attention of Internet users.

In tweets, Intel posted that “Only a PC can be equally useful for scientists and gamers”; In addition, it was not enough to highlight the qualities of its processors, but went further by showing the limitations that Mac computers, manufactured by Apple and that work with the new M1 chips, supposedly have.

In a tweet that was taken as ironic by several users, Intel stated that “If you have enough power to launch a rocket and a Rocket League game, you are definitely not on a Mac.”

Other users also joined the conversation; one of those who stood out the most was John Rettinger, an American blogger.

It compared the MacBook Pros to the Intel Evo laptops; According to Rettinger’s insights, Intel offers customers a useful computer for both work and play.

On his YouTube channel, Rettinger pointed out that Apple devices are not intended to capture the attention of regular users of video games, in addition to the fact that they do not have a touch screen and it is not possible to use a stylus on them, something that is possible. perform on Intel computers.

Rettinger finished his message saying that “If you are looking for a good laptop in 2021, there are many things to consider. The choice of the processor may be more important than you think ”.

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Intel’s criticism of Apple: revenge for ending a working relationship of more than 15 years?

It was at the end of last year when Apple launched its first production line of its own computers, which it named M1.

These replace the ones that were made by Intel, and these self-made chips are present in both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

The Reuters portal reported last June that Apple would begin using its own chips in its Mac computers.

At the time, the company assured that this would mean the end of a nearly 15-year alliance with Intel Corp, which for more than a decade was the company in charge of manufacturing the processors for Apple computers.

During the announcement, Tim Cook stressed the importance of this fact, saying that it would be the beginning of a new era for Apple, in which he emphasized the importance of making its own chips.

“Silicon is at the heart of our hardware,” Cook said during a recorded virtual speech at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, for its annual developer conference. “Having a world-class Silicon design team is revolutionary.”

With this change, Mac devices join the chips designed by Apple, which are already in operation in the line of iPhones and iPads.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s chief software officer, commented that “Most applications will just work, no developer changes” on new Macs. He also said that the “vast majority” of existing applications for Intel-based machines can be modified to work in “just a few days.”

The transition could take a few more years, as Apple still has some Intel-based computers in its inventory, so while the employment relationship is no longer active, it will continue for a while longer.

Thus, analysts are confident that Intel will continue to provide its chip service to Apple; in a statement, Intel Corp. stated that Apple remains a customer “in various business areas”, and that it was still focused on the PC market.

“We believe that Intel-powered PCs, such as those based on our upcoming Tiger Lake mobile platform, provide global customers with the best experience in the areas they value most, as well as the most open platform for developers, both today and in the future. Intel stated. As with previous Macs, new machines with Apple chips will be able to download software from outside of Apple’s official app stores, in contrast to iPhones and iPads, which for the most part can only be downloaded. run software from the company’s own stores.

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