International Friendship Day: know why and when this day began to be celebrated

International Friendship Day: know why and when this day began to be celebrated

This July 30 is celebrated the International Day of Friendship, a date that was established in 2011 by the United Nations (UN), with the intention of promoting and defending, throughout the world, the value of solidarity and also with the intention that peoples, countries, Cultures and people can build bonds of peace and have the possibility of building bridges between communities.

But actually, the initiative to establish International Friendship Day was proposed by UNESCO, which was approved by the UN General Assembly in 1997.

The concept of friendship originated from very remote times and we precisely define it as that personal and disinterested affection that we come to feel for other people who do not necessarily share some blood bond with us.

Through friendship, trust is strengthened, we contribute to obtaining lasting social and emotional stability and we form a beneficial social support network for our personal growth.

Types of friendship

The concept of friendship dates back to very ancient times. One of the Greek philosophers who wrote a lot on the subject was Aristotle, who was in charge of establishing the existence of 3 types of friendship, 2 of them accidental and the other intentional.

The types of friendship that exist, according to Aristotle, are:

1) Friendship of utility. The two people involved share a friendship for a time because they both derive a benefit from that relationship. When that benefit ends, the friendship relationship usually ends as well.

2) Friendship of pleasure. Aristotle explained that this type of friendship occurs when the two people share moments of fun together, such as sports activities or parties. It usually occurs among young people. For the philosopher, this friendship ends when tastes change or one of the two parties matures and becomes more selective when it comes to choosing friends.

3) Ideal friendship. This type of friendship is the purest and truest according to the philosopher. Explain that this friendship is not maintained to obtain some kind of benefit, but to share moments together, since you have a sincere appreciation for the other person as they are. This friendship is more exceptional than the previous two.

Whatever it is, it’s the day to celebrate your friends.

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