International high-speed data and free Wi-Fi on flights: T-Mobile improves its services for travelers

T-Mobile announced enhancements for customers on the Magenta MAX and Business Unlimited Ultimate plans.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

T-Mobile presented this Thursday Coverage Beyond, a new package of services with which it intends to provide new benefits to all those subscribers of the company who have the opportunity to travel during this summer.

Jorge Martel, VP of T-Mobile for Puerto Rico, explained to us in an interview that with Coverage Beyond users will be able to enjoy high-speed data on the go without incurring any additional charges on their phone bill. She detailed that users will have 5 GB per month of data in more than 210 countries from all over the world, being possible in some of them, even, to connect to 5G networks. Once the 5 GB of data has been consumed, the client will browse at a lower speed.

He clarified that all these benefits will be available, as of June 21, both for the current Magenta Max and Business Unlimited Ultimate plan subscribersas well as for those people who are new clients and hire one of these plans.

Martel noted that as part of Coverage Beyond, T-Mobile managed to close agreements with various airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Alaska and United so that users can connect to Wi-Fi and perform streaming free during the flight.

The company director assured that they soon hope to continue expanding the list of airlines in order to offer the best possible connectivity experience to their customers while they fly to their destination.

We want customers to be able to travel, use high-speed data and not have any worries in terms of expenses.. We want it to be as easy as getting off the plane and keep your data working,” Martel said.

In this sense, he stressed that those users who are subscribed to the aforementioned plans will not have to carry out any type of procedure to be able to enjoy the benefits of Coverage Beyond since these will be activated immediately.

“The consumer does not have to worry about anything, we want them to be connected at all times in a simple way while they are outside our network,” he said.

Additional benefits: free AAA and cheaper gasoline

In addition to high-speed data and the ability to connect to the Internet in more than 210 countries, T-Mobile customers will also enjoy a package of additional benefits including a year of subscription to AAA (American Automobile Association) completely free.

Martel explained that from the company they know that some users prefer to travel by car and thinking of them they decided to include a membership for AAA so that they can have assistance if necessary.

“We are giving AAA membership completely free of cost so that they can have assistance for those people who are going to remain in the United States,” he said.

He noted that in the case of those people who are already members of AAA, they will receive a credit for an amount proportional to the annual membership.

From T-Mobile they are aware that inflation and high fuel prices are two problems that directly affect their users. For this reason they decided that as part of the Coverage Beyond package users can also count, until July 31, with a discount of $0.25 for each gallon of fuel they buy at Shell stations throughout the country.

In this way they hope to help their users as much as possible by offering them direct savings every time they have to buy fuel.

Martel explained that in order to enjoy this benefit it is only necessary to download the T-Mobile Tuesday application and follow the steps indicated by the system. This will generate a code that they can show when they go to gas stations to get the discount.

Lastly, he indicated that Coverage Beyond is the clearest sign that T-Mobile is continually looking for new ways to help customers save money.something that is essential in the current inflation and rising fuel prices.

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