Inteview gone wrong: they accuse Christian Nodal of having threatened the wife of a Texas broadcaster

The singer Christian Nodal is once again in the midst of controversy. It was announced that he would allegedly threaten Lilian Brindis, wife of the broadcaster Raúl Brindis, for “rude” behavior during an interview, which had been recorded.

Faced with a question that had bothered the singer, he allegedly deleted the video of the moment and demanded that it not be broadcast. However, the clip was stored in the cloud, which is why Christian Nodal would be upset.

In American Post News, we let you know that the singer could face a lawsuit since the couple is considering taking legal action in the face of their threats.

Christian Nodal is accused of sending threats.

What happened to Christian Nodal and Raúl Brindis?

Through the account of Chamonic, a specialist in the entertainment world, the situation that Lilian Brindis and her husband Raúl Brindis would face with Christian Nodal was revealed.

According to the released version, Christian Nodal and Raúl Brindis had an agreed interview when a question arose that bothered the singer; they had demanded that Lilian Brindis, who was recording, remove the video, which she complied with.

However, the clip had been stored in the cloud, which is why he would be receiving threats from Christian Nodal’s team, who assured that they will sue them.

Given the alleged threats, the couple has already contacted the lawyer Guillermo Pous to represent them in a lawsuit against Christian Nodal.

It should be noted that Christian Nodal’s team has not made any statements; however, in recent months, they have kept hermetic in the face of the singer’s scandals.

What happened in the Belinda and Nodal scandal?

What happened to Belinda and Christian Nodal?

Since the singer Christian Nodal announced his breakup with Belinda, he has been involved in various controversies, including illnesses, rudeness, and more.

Let’s remember that Christian Nodal and Belinda ended their romance amidst much speculation. However, the singer spread a series of conversations where he showed the singer asking for money.