Intoxicated felon’s stabbing spree leaves multiple victims at Pedregal Deli in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn deli's history of violence extends with a bodega clerk repeatedly victimized amidst an intoxicated felon's stabbing spree.

On a typical Sunday night, an alleged inebriated felon wreaked havoc inside a Brooklyn deli, Pedregal Deli, stabbing multiple victims, one of whom was a bodega clerk, sources from the police disclosed. The corner of Avenue D and Rogers Avenue was the unfortunate scene of this violent event that took place around 5:30 p.m., as reported by the authorities.

Among the victims was a 46-year-old deli worker who suffered stab wounds to his chest and right arm, according to both police and local sources. His injuries were severe enough to necessitate immediate transportation to Kings County Hospital. Officials have, however, expressed optimism for his survival.

Additional victims of the stabbing incident were also reported by the sources, although details regarding their conditions and identities remain undisclosed, as per the New York Post. The number of total victims and the extent of their injuries is information eagerly awaited by the public, who remain on tenterhooks in light of this vicious attack.

Sources familiar with law enforcement stated that the assailant, seeming to be under the influence of intoxicants during the attack, managed to evade capture. As of Sunday evening, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident. The New York Police Department has since launched an official investigation into this appalling act of violence.

But, unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident of crime at Pedregal Deli. Just months ago, a robbery occurred at the very same deli. The assailant, armed with a firearm, stormed the premises in February, law enforcement sources recalled.

In a chilling twist, the same deli worker who was stabbed during Sunday’s attack was also present during the armed robbery. According to reliable sources, he was stationed behind the counter when the February crime unfolded.