Investigation against Donald Trump over classified documents stalls

The United States Department of Justices reported that he will appeal the judicial order issued by a judge that interrupts the investigations against the former president donald trump for the classified documents found in his mansion located in Florida and that were recovered after a search.

The order of the appointed judge indicates that a special teacher must be appointed to review the documents recovered by the FBI on the property of Donald Trump, who argued that some of these files could be protected by executive secrecy, which was granted by the authority.

As reported in American Post NewsDonald Trump revealed his intentions to compete for the presidency of the United States in the next elections of 2024. In fact, the former president pointed out that due to these political aspirations he suffers persecution.

They will appeal order that protects Donald Trump

They will appeal the decision that protects Trump Trump insists on fraud against him

In this sense, the US authorities indicated that they will appeal the judge’s decision because it protects Doland Trump from the investigations against him. It should be noted that the authorities have the possibility to review these documents for reasons of classification or intelligence.

The United States Department of Justice explained that if the investigation against Trump is not allowed to continue, it will suffer irreparable damage, which could definitively affect this investigation. It should be noted that among these documents there are files considered confidential, which could violate the snational securityl.

It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump is the subject of another investigation in which he is accused of having responsibility for the unrest that occurred in the Capitol in January 2021, as some consider that he incited violence by arguing an alleged electoral fraud.

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Donald Trump asks to be reinstated

Trump insists on fraud against him

Donald Trump indicated that, due to this alleged electoral fraud, he should be reinstated as president of the United States, instead of Joe Biden, or immediate elections should be called.

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