Iowa woman bought a scratch-off for only $5 and multiplied her money by 10 thousand

A woman from the town of Bettendorf won a $50,000 lottery prize in the Iowa Lottery’s ‘Wild Card’ scratch card game. A ticket for this scratch-off costs only $5 dollars, so the woman ended up multiplying her investment by 10 thousand.

The woman, named Marchelle Kosgard, won the game’s fourth $50,000 jackpot. This means that there are still four prizes of this amount available.

The lucky winner bought her ticket at the ExpressLane store, located at 3718 State St. in the city of Bettendorf, in the state of Iowa.

According to the Iowa Lottery, the player claimed her prize on Friday at the regional lottery office in Cedar Rapids.

‘Wild Card’ is a $5 scratch card game offering eight top prizes of $50K and has odds of winning any prize of any amount from 1 in 3.40.

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