Iran Castillo and other celebrities who became mothers after 40 years

A son will always be a blessing in the life of a woman, you know that well. Iran Castle, who now counts the days to meet his second baby just when the actress reaches the 45 years old.

Castillo has responded in a good way to her second pregnancy, posting through social networks the beautiful stage of being a mother for the second time.

The 45-year-old actress joins the long list of celebrities who have become mothers after that age, same as in AmericanPost.News we will share with you below.

Iran Castillo will be a mother at 45

Iran Castillo will be a mother at age 45 Celebrities who became mothers after age 40

The famous actress surprised in 2021 when she announced that she was pregnant for the second time, a baby arrived to make her marriage with Pepe Ramos happier.

Castle of 45 years He already has a daughter, who was born in 2011 and received the name of Irka CastilloShe is currently 10 years old and the most excited about having a baby brother.

However, the singer has not been the only one in the middle of the show to have a baby after 40 years, in fact the list is quite long and also includes celebrities from Hollywood.

Famous who became mothers after 40 years

Famous who became mothers after 40 years

Iran She is enjoying each stage of her second pregnancy, which despite arriving after the age of 40, still excites her as if she were not a young new mother.

Salma Hayek She is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Mexican actress in Hollywood and it is under this premise, the Veracruz woman decided to put a pause in her career and 40 years toshe announced her pregnancy together with the businessman François-Henri Pinault.

Famous who became mothers after 40 years

In the entertainment industry the list is long, Halle berry she got pregnant in 2013 when she was 46 years old, Janet jackson he had his firstborn at 49 and the actress Cameron Diaz He did the same at age 47.

Iran Castle At the age of 45, she will give birth to her second baby and the first from her marriage to Pepe Ramos.

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