Iran Castillo reveals the sex of her baby in the middle of an intimate celebration

A few weeks ago Iran Castle surprised her followers of social networks by revealing that she is in sweet expectation of her second child, so she excitedly published some images with the revealed the sex of the baby she is expecting.

Now that she is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, the protagonist of ‘Contigo Sí’ revealed that the new member of your family is a child. It was through the stories on his official Instagram profile, where he shared the happy news.

In the intimate celebration that took place last weekend, the famous woman was accompanied by her closest relatives, friends and of course the father of her baby, Pepe Ramos, with whom he performed some dynamics as part of the baby shower.

In the images he shared with his fans, he can be seen smiling in the middle of a blue balloon decoration, as well as posing with some family members.

But that was not all, since he also shared a touching photograph in which showed how big her pregnancy belly is while resting.

Me and he drink !! Connecting hearts“Was the phrase that accompanied the postcard that obtained the recognition of at least 64 thousand followers, who reacted with a red heart.

Celebrities such as Laura Vignatti, Michelle Renaud, Grettell Valdez, Sharis Cid and Ana Serradilla, among many others, joined in the displays of affection and congratulatory messages for how beautiful she looks while waiting for her baby.

Iran Castle She is one of the most beloved Mexican actresses thanks to her successful participation in telenovelas in the 1990s, at which time she became one of the most sought-after youth stars on Televisa. But after several years of a famous career, she has also become one of the most attractive celebrities on social networks, so the news of her second pregnancy managed to cause a stir on September 26, when she exposed the first images of an ultrasound, and where she also shared that she received the engagement ring.

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