Iran Castillo shared a photo breastfeeding her baby: “The miracle of life”

Iran Castillo recently gave birth to Demian (Photo: Instagram/@castillo.iran)

After announcing the birth of her baby with an unusual image of the placenta, iran castle He showed a tender image in which he is breastfeeding her son Demian.

In the image Pepe Ramos is accompanying the actress in the maternal moment, the family looks comfortable and Iran Castillo mentioned that publishing it would remind him “what is the true beauty of life, what is really important.”

In her text, the singer also wrote the following: “This moment so magical, so glorious and masterful in which time stops and space and there is only the miracle of life, the genuine emotion of the birth of a being so beautiful, so extraordinary!”

(Photo: Instagram/@castillo.iran)
Iran Castillo breastfeeding her baby (Photo: Instagram/@castillo.iran)

The actress took advantage of the space to thank Pepe Ramos for being in her life and for having accompanied her in the process of giving birth to Demián, And that you and your partner are one receiving this blessing, of course the most healing and beautiful cry springs from all our being loving this moment as it is!@habitaenti I love you my sky”, he expressed in the caption of the photo.

According to his official Instagram, the moment was immortalized by togetherthetwo_photodeparto, an agency specialized in creating photographs of the first days of life of babies. Your post reached almost 50 thousand “Like” and his followers did not hesitate to express the tenderness that the image aroused in them.

“It’s the best when you feel it for the first time and feel its little heart”, “What a precious photo!” and “That is a magical moment as you say” were just some of the messages left on Iran Castillo’s account.

(Photo: Instagram/@castillo.iran)
Iran Castillo shared this photo of her delivery (Photo: Instagram/@castillo.iran)

A few days before, the actress also shared some photos of her delivery, in the images the baby is still seen inside her belly while her husband hugs her from behind, It should be noted that Iran Castillo decided to give birth at homeso it was easy to document it.

Among the thanks to her loved ones, the actress wrote the following for women who assisted her during labor: “I am deeply grateful to @dra.itzelmar_gineco__obstetra @samaraferrara @giannina_leyva for so much love, containment, brotherhood and all your dedication, patience, you are such beautiful and powerful women that I admire! Thank you for helping me and taking care of us. Thank you for your sweetheart! I love them”.

On February 10, Linet Puente announced in windowing that Iran Castillo had gone into laborHours later, the actress confirmed this information with a photograph of her placenta.

At the bottom of an image where her placenta appeared surrounded by pink and white rosesthe also singer wrote:

iran castle
“Tree of life,” Iran Castillo wrote at the bottom of the photo of her placenta (Photo: Screenshot)

“Any words I put here would not be enough to express my joy and happiness! Welcome Demian! We love you with all our being. Thank you for reaching out to fill us with this love, ”she wrote on Instagram and added the hashtags ‘placenta’, ‘tree of life’ and ‘demián childbirth’.

It should be noted that during the first months of the baby’s gestation, when Iran was recording its most recent soap operathe doctors alarmed the 45-year-old singer, since they diagnosed her with a poor development of the fetus, news that saddened the now happy mother, who recovered her spirits when she was informed -after the relevant diagnoses- that It was all a false alarm.

And it’s that baby from Iran had been diagnosed with Edwards syndrome, so at one point a doctor had recommended interrupting her pregnancy. However, after seeing a specialist, the artist was able to calm her down because the doctor let her know that her baby was coming in fineso he could enjoy this stage of his life with more peace of mind.


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