Irma Serrano, La Tigresa of Mexican entertainment, dies at 89

We pay homage to the iconic La Tigresa of Mexican entertainment. Irma Serrano's life and career as a ranchera singer, film star and senator remembered.

On Wednesday morning, March 1st, the entertainment world was in mourning after the death of leading actress Irma Serrano, known in the entertainment industry as “La Tigresa,” at the age of 89, was confirmed.

It was through his Twitter account that the actor Alfonso “Poncho” De Nigris wrote a message in which he lamented the sensitive passing of the protagonist of films such as “Santo Contra Los Zombies,” “La Venganza de Gabino Barrera” and “Las Amantes del Señor de la Noche.”

“A great legacy and good life learnings with Doña Irma Serrano. She just informed me that she just passed away, my deepest condolences to her family and friends. Thank you for so many teachings QEPD La Tigresa,” wrote the actor in his social networks.

Photo: Twitter/@_PonchoDeNigris
Photo: Twitter/@_PonchoDeNigris

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On the other hand, entertainment journalist Shanik Berman wrote a message in which she recalled that “La Tigresa” was the victim of a robbery by several celebrities, who took advantage of “her loneliness and her illness” in recent years.

“Just passed away Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa”, to whom, artists stole all her patrimony taking advantage of her loneliness and her illness. May her family, who took care of her until the end, know no more of her pain”, he detailed.

Photo: Twitter/@shanikberman
Photo: Twitter/@shanikberman

Who was Irma Serrano?

Known for her rivalry with Maria Felix, Irma Serrano was born on December 9, 1933, in Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas. She began her artistic career as a dancer in a choreographic group led by Chelo La Rue.

Despite her great dancing skills, Irma preferred ranchera music, where she had great hits such as “El Amor de la Paloma,” “Canción de un Perso” and “Nada Gano con Quererte.”

Thanks to these songs, she gained fame when she reached the big screen, where she participated in films such as “El Hijo de Gabino Barrera” (1965), “Los Amores de Juan Charrasqueado” (1968), and “La Martina” (1972).

“La Tigresa” became famous in the movies with a nickname she got due to her way of singing: “La Tigresa” de la Canción Ranchera.

It was in the 70s that the actress also starred in a cartoon in which she used her nickname “La Tigresa” Since then, Irma Serrano has not been separated from her nickname.

From 1994 to 2000, Irma Serrano made a complete turn in her career to enter politics in Mexico. During this time, she was a member of the Mexican Senate. Her last public appearance occurred in December 2022, when she celebrated her 89th birthday in the company of television cameras.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special