Is Belinda preparing a bomb to unmask Christian Nodal?

As you know Belinda and Christian Nodal They seem to have ended their relationship on bad terms, so after the breakup, much has been said about the reasons for the separation, but nothing is clear or official yet, although we could soon know the interpreter’s version of “Lies”, Well, he already has a plan to reveal everything, here we tell you!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that the Nodeli fans were very dismayed to learn of the couple’s separation and now things will go all the way up, as Beli is preparing an information bomb that will reveal all the details of their relationship.

Previously we told you when she was caught on video for the first time after her thunder; however, now we will tell you what she intends to do to clean up, is she or isn’t she a taker?

This is how Belinda will tell everything about Nodal

Beli and Christian. Photo: Beli and Christian. Photo:

These two celebrities went from being the most admired couple in the Mexican show to being the most disappointing, because, although they squandered love, now they seem to hate each other, what happened in their relationship? This is still a mystery, but apparently Beli He is already in talks with a publisher to release his biography, in which he will not only tell about the most intense moments of his life, he will also talk about Christian.

It is worth mentioning that, given this, Nodal is not far behind, and is already preparing a deal with a streaming platform to make a bioseries where he will also reveal his life story and, of course, the version of the breakup with his ex, of In this way, it is confirmed that both are hurt and they will each use their own means to blame all the pain they caused each other, who will end up being the bad guy?

If you want to know more about the thunder of these celebrities you have to watch the video Nodal and Beli ended up because of false invoices?

What have Belinda’s boyfriends been?

Beli and Christian. Photo:

Next, we give you the list of the boyfriends that the famous Spanish actress has had, did you already know them all?

  1. Christopher Uckerman
  2. Rodrigo Guirao
  3. Pepe Diaz
  4. Mohammed Morales
  5. Jay of the Cave
  6. Billy Mendez
  7. John Dos Santos
  8. mario domm
  9. Chris Angel
  10. Octavio Garcia “El Payo”
  11. Ben Talei
  12. Lupillo Rivera
  13. Christian Nodal

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