Is Capi Pérez preparing to face his worst enemy and why did he wear gloves?

The comedian and now host of come the joy on Aztec TV, Cap Perezhas been very successful in the entertainment program, but has also earned several enemies for his comments to other celebrities in the medium.

On this occasion he was able to face one of many enemies, but not from twitter as on other occasions, but with the right tools for a real fight. That is, with boxing gloves that are more than ideal for modern fighting.

Who will the comedian face? Cap Perez? The reason why it is thought that he could be preparing to face a great enemy is because he shared a new post in which he is seen training with gloves and a boxing bag.

What is seen in the publication of El Capi Pérez?

Capi Pérez shared how he trains. Capi Pérez in VLA wins:

Cap Perez shared from his Instagram are several photographs in which he can be seen next to the boxing bag with which he was training since he appears wearing boxing gloves as well.

In the photos you can also see his beautiful girlfriend and his coach whom he thanked for all the training with this text:

“There are days of vice and days of exercise. Here with coach @aleks_flaka_sanabria (former world champion)”.

This publication was very well received among his followers because it has already achieved a large number of likes, it has already been more than 80 thousand likes. Also, lots of support from fellow comedians in the comments and other fans.

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What is Capi Pérez’s salary?

Capi Pérez in VLA wins:

As revealed by El Heraldo de México, the famous comedian El Capi Pérez currently earns about 200,000 thousand pesos for each month that he collaborates in Venga la Alegría. Although recently, as we told you in AmericanPost.Newsthe rumor spread that the driver could stop working on “VLA”.

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