Is Catwoman in The Batman bisexual? This revealed Zoë Kravitz

The new movie starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz is already available, but netizens have wondered if Catwoman in The Batman is bisexual, so in AmericanPost.News We share with you what the actress confessed in an interview.

And it is that, in the new installment Matt Reeves presents a younger and fresher version of the Dark Knight, but what excited the users is that the character of Selina Kyle played by Kravitz is openly bisexual, it is evidenced in her relationship with her best friend Anika.

Previously we informed you that rumors arose that there will be a spin-off of the antagonistic character of Batman, so Reeves confessed that everything will depend on the reception of the film, since if the public accepts it, they will have ideas for the things they want. do.

Did Reeves also confirm that Catwoman in The Batman is bisexual?

The Batman and Catwoman One of the Batman characters

The American director Matt Reeves made a comment and said that regarding his relationship with Anika, he spoke with Zoë and that one of the things that the actress confessed to him is that she is attracted to the abandoned because she was abandoned and Anika is like a person abandoned.

In the same way, she commented that she has an intimacy with that character and that it is a tremendous and deep affection, more than something sexual, but indicated that it was intended that there be an intimate relationship between the characters in the new film.

Who is Catwoman in Batman 2022?

One of the Batman characters

She is a jewel thief and is shown as a tenacious, independent and conflicted woman with her past, she is also a character that is characterized by her rebellious and dominant behavior, she has had an intermittent relationship with the Bat Man.

The character Catwoman from The Batman played by Zoë Kravitz has left users intrigued by the advances of her participation in the new film, a project that is already available in theaters starting this Thursday, March 3.

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