Is Chiquis Rivera pregnant? The photo, the weight loss, and the unusual glow sets her fans on fire

Jenni Rivera's daughter, more in love than ever, shows up with a notorious makeover. Is Chiquis Rivera pregnant?
  • The singer seems and feels “different,” and people speculate.
  • Chiquis reappears with a notorious makeover.
  • Is she pregnant? This is what they think of the ‘Abeja Reina.’

Is Chiquis Rivera pregnant? Today, she is one of the greatest exponents of the regional Mexican genre even though her career seems to have just started. The young woman “leads the way” because she is the daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera.

However, Chiquis has been involved in various controversies because now the 37-year-old singer is in a relationship with a famous photographer named Emilio Sánchez, with whom she is quite in love, and now, fans have noticed a detail in the singer what will it be?

Chiquis Rivera is pregnant: Chiquis appears to be looking “different.”

PHOTO: Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

Because there has been a lot of talk about the ‘Abeja Reina’ interpreter being more in love than ever with her boyfriend, it is speculated that Chiquis could be expecting a baby from the famous photographer who has worked with important figures in the industry.

Through a photograph published by Escandalo_o’s Instagram, you can see an image of Jenni Rivera’s daughter on the beach dressed completely in black. Still, some people say that she looks very different from previous months.

What do you think is happening with the singer?

Chiquis Rivera is pregnant
PHOTO: Getty Images

There have been tons of comments, some claiming Janney is looking ‘fuller,’ some thinking she might be pregnant, and some assuming the singer used Photoshop wrong, but these are all speculation.

“It looks like she is pregnant,” “Her arm looks strange,” “Not strange, it is something very normal for someone who has lost a lot of weight, and the skin falls off,” “A somewhat pronounced pregnancy,” “The arm is with flaccidity, surely the product of an abrupt weight loss possibly from a gastric sleeve,” some users said.

Chiquis Rivera is pregnant: Did she undergo any surgery to reduce sizes?

Chiquis Rivera is pregnant
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Chiquis Rivera’s physique was always a subject that the singer always evaded but that she proudly showed. Chiquis said on more than one occasion that she was proud that her mother inherited those pronounced curves that stand out so much.

Apparently, that temperament has changed since Jenni Rivera’s daughter has a body with pronounced curves. It is too obvious that she underwent some operation or weight loss treatment, and she looks completely unrecognizable!

This is the truth about your weight loss

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

Through various entertainment news accounts, such as Chamonic, it has been said that the singer would have supposedly performed the gastric sleeve, the same as Adamari López would have done. And it is said that when Jenicka López, Chiquis’s sister, underwent surgery and lost weight, Chiquis also did it.

Chamonic says that the procedure was done at the same time but that all the attention was focused on Jenicka, who even documented the process, while Janney (Chiquis) was absent from the networks; “She did it almost at the same time as her sister Jenicka, but everyone focused on her sister and Chiquis was absent from networks, and she returned with this very remarkable physical change,” said the journalist. Many people are speculating that the singer could be pregnant because she recently confessed that she would like to get married. However, nothing is proven until she confirms it herself.