Is Cynthia Rodriguez pregnant? She thus she answered her in ‘Come the Joy’

After various rumors claiming that Cynthia Rodriguez she was pregnant with her first child Charles Riverathe host on her return to the program come the joy I take advantage of the space to talk about this topic.

In addition, he confirmed his departure from the morning star of TV Azteca, however, he made clear his decision to remain on said television station, for which he also cast aside all the rumors about his going to Televisa.

Through tears, Cynthia said goodbye to her colleagues, who did not miss the opportunity and literally spilled the beans about her recent marriage to Carlos Rivera and her upcoming plans to become a mother.

This is how she responded in Venga la Alegría to the rumors of pregnancy

Totally live Venga la Alegría had exclusively the return of Cynthia Rodriguez to television, who forcefully confirmed that she is not pregnant and that Carlos Rivera is already her husband.

“I’m not pregnant… the public gets excited when they see that I’m a little bulging, but I tell them it’s a normal belly. Not yet. I am not pregnant, it is the plan as you know, we hope that it will be fulfilled this year. When that happens you guys are going to find out for us,” she said on VLA.

I also reiterate his definitive departure from the morning star of TV AztecaHowever, he declared that for the time being he will dedicate himself to attending to personal matters, although he wishes to continue on the Ajusco television station, this after the recent rumors about his departure to the competition.

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Cynthia Rodríguez is going to Televisa?

Cynthia Rodríguez is going to Televisa?

How we previously informed you in AmericanPost.Newsvarious entertainment news pointed to Cyntia leaving Aztec TV to join the ranks of Televisa and supposedly he would already have several projects on the doorstep.

Specifically the show host alex kaffie and the influencer Paul ChagraThey assure that Rodríguez, now the wife of Carlos Rivera, will enter Televisa through the big door, joining the fourth season of who is the mask and as a relief host before the departure of Andrea Escalona because of their arm in the “Today Program”.

Though Cynthia Rodriguez He made it clear this morning that he is not leaving TV Azteca but is continuing, although separated by personal projects, it is more than clear that his departure from the television station is more than sung and it will be in the next few weeks when his fate will be known.

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