Is Eduin Caz gay?

Is Eduin Caz gay? According to La Verdad Noticias the answer is yes, but the Mexican portal probably refers to his brother. In November 2021, Jonathan Bencomo and Jhonny Caz, Eduin’s brother, from Grupo Firme, got engaged to get to the altar and experienced one of the most romantic moments in the current music industry and the group genre in particular.

For his part, Jonathan interrupted a Grupo Firme concert to propose to Jhonny. The young man took a microphone while the band performed El mundo a tus pies. The romantic moment was captured by the group’s followers, who applauded the next wedding.

The boyfriend of vocalist Eduin Caz’s brother prepared the surprise in advance, since during the moment photos of the two were seen on the stage screens. In addition, Jonathan Bencomo took advantage of one of the most romantic songs of the group.

Who from Grupo Firme is going to get married?

Jonathan took over the stage and asked Jhonny Caz

During the show of the popular regional Mexican group, Jonathan took over the stage and the microphone and made the people euphoric who, between shouts, saw him kneel down and ask Jhonny from Grupo Firme to marry him.

The happy fiancés have been in a 5-year relationship, which they share with their followers on social networks.

Bencomo thanked through his Instagram account for the signs of affection received for the announcement of his engagement

“I had days of many emotions and blessings, thank God, thank you life, thank you my people for the support and affection, God bless you always…

Who is Eduin Caz married to?

Daisy Anahy wife of Eduin Caz

Eduin Caz became a trend in social networks after a woman from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua confirmed that she had a relationship with the singer who is married to Daisy Anahy.

Daisy Anahy, 28, is the wife of Grupo Firme’s lead singer, Eduin Caz. The couple met 12 years ago when they were both still teenagers and studying at the same school. In 2015 they decided to get married and shortly after they had their first son named Gerardo and in 2020 their daughter Geraldine was born.

It is important to mention that both maintained a solid and very public relationship, since they constantly published family photos on their respective social networks; The singer has always expressed the love he has for his wife, since most of the time he writes some romantic words to show it.

Daisy has become very popular on Instagram where she has more than a million and a half followers; In her profile, she usually uploads photos with her husband and her children.

Anahy is currently an influencer, so she promotes different brands and shares discounts on different products on her official accounts. One of the brands with which she works is in charge of selling girdles, it should be noted that after having her little girl, Daisy underwent an aesthetic operation, so she had to use this garment that she now shows on her networks.

Photos of Eduin Caz and his wife

The couple lasted several years of marriage

As we have mentioned in other informative notes from AmericanPost.News the famous wife has also made known her taste for makeup, trends, fashion, among other things.

The couple shared their photos on social media

Due to the above, several of his fans consider an infidelity on the part of the artist impossible. Recall that through her TikTok account, the woman who identified herself as Stephanie Hernández, shared a video where she stated that she received a message from Eduin’s wife, to question her about the couple’s fidelity her.

The artist’s sexual preferences are pretty obvious, and the answer about whether Eduin Caz is gay, despite the fact that he has a wife, is probably a big no.