Is Gaby Spanic demanding in love? Reveals the requirements to win her

Gaby Spanic He offered a recent interview to TVyNovelas magazine from the corridors of Televisa, in which he spoke about various topics of his professional and private life. However, the detail that caught the attention is that she revealed that right now she is single and that the man who wants to conquer her must meet strict requirements.

According to the statements of the actress, her next leading man should be a man who have no complexes with the fact that you are a busy womanbut above all that she understands that they will not live together, because she has made it clear that she is not willing to share space.

Men who want to conquer her must understand that she is an empowered and self-sufficient woman. Today, the Venezuelan star enjoys medium popularity on social networks.

“I don’t want a man who is there by my side all the time, because I am a very moved woman. In addition, I have a son and I have my things, I am a very active woman and I do not want my life or my clothes or my money to be dominating me,” said the Venezuelan actress, who recently underwent plastic surgery to remove her flaccidity.

Happy to participate in ‘Corazón Guerrero’

On the other hand, the former beauty queen assured feel very happy to participate in ‘Corazón Guerrero’, the new telenovela by Salvador Mejía for Televisa. Finally, he mentions that this project comes within the framework of the celebration for his 34 years of artistic career.

“I am very happy, very grateful to Salvador Mejía… He invited me to play this character, which is wonderful, a very important role, a star that becomes the trigger for the story. He has a very strong emotional, physical and mental charge, that makes him a very different role from all the ones I have done in my life, “he added. Gaby Spanic.

How old is Gaby Spanic?

Today, the Venezuelan star enjoys medium popularity on social networks.

Gaby Spanic was born on December 10, 1973so now you have 48 years old. As AmericanPost.News previously mentioned, the actress has not only forged a successful career in modeling and television, but has also ventured into the world of reality shows such as Dancing With the Stars Hungary and La Casa de los Famosos. .

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