Is it true that Chabelo studied medicine?

Every Mexican knows Xavier Lopez Rodriguezbetter known as Chabelo, but not everyone knows about his past before being part of the entertainment industry and you have surely heard that he studied medicine before becoming an actor, this is true? Yes.

The truth is that his discovery and love for the world of entertainment was gradually discovered, since, as we are informing you in AmericanPost.News, Before giving himself completely to the spotlight, he needed to find a way to pay for his career as a surgeon, so he went to work at Televicentro, now known as Televisa.

Some time later, he began to practice as a doctor giving consultations but at some point he discovered and accepted that his thing, his thing, was not medicine but acting And boy, did such a decision give Mexicans an iconic character that spread happiness and generated laughter for several decades.

Where did Chabelo study medicine?

Where did Chabelo study medicine? When did Chabelo’s career begin?

Knowing that Xavier Lopez “Chabelo” he did study medicine, have you ever wondered where he studied it? It was nothing more and nothing less than in the highest house of studies in the country, the National Autonomous University of Mexico. (UNAM).

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When did Chabelo start his career?

When did Chabelo start his career?

Chabelo’s television career began in 1952 when he agreed to join Televicentro What production assistant, Later he also worked in other jobs such as cameraman and floor manager.

At some point he liked what he saw so much that started studying acting and after becoming a trustworthy person, they gave him the opportunity to take the place of the people who, by chance of fate, could not attend the television station.

The first television program with which he is credited with his start in show business was “Music Carousel” since there he played the famous boy Chabelo, without knowing that this character would accompany him for the rest of his life.

How long was En familia con Chabelo on the air?

In family with Chabelo was on the air for 48 years, having its first broadcast in 1968 and ending in 2015, it was even thanks to this program that Xavier López Rodríguez was able to win two Guinness Records: for hosting a program for 44 years and for representing a character for 57 years.

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