Is Luis Miguel going through serious money and health problems? His friend Toño Mauri reveals the truth

Mexico. Around the personal and professional life of Luis Miguel, singer of hits like Oro de ley, many things have always been said and recently it has been rumored that he has money problems and also with his health

Supposedly Luis Miguel was about to lose an arm for not going to therapy, this after having fractured it, but it is his friend Toño Mauri who denies this information.

In an interview with Sale el Sol, Mauri denies that Luis Miguel is currently having a bad time with his health and also that you have money problems. “I don’t think he’s bankrupt, he has a solid team, I don’t think he’s in that situation, as far as I know he’s not in that situation.”

Regarding what is related to his arm, he adds: “As far as Toño Mauri knows, I didn’t know, I don’t have a record of ‘I have a problem with my arm’, never. What I do know is that he is very motivated to return to the artistic environment.”

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The actor Toño Mauri and Luis Miguel have had a solid friendship for several years and share anecdotes at every opportunity. “Whenever you talk to him, he’s very nice,” Toño also refers to Sale el Sol.

And Toño also shares that the last time he saw Luis Miguel and talked with him in person was just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. “It was just when I wasn’t sick yet, and we met here in Miami at a bar, my brother-in-law, him and me.”

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Mauri acknowledges that, obviously, Luis Miguel is not the same as ten years ago. “I believe that, like everyone else, circumstances make you more sensitive, he is not the same Luis Miguel as 10 years ago, he is another person, and it is part of maturity, of learning that life gives you, yes I think it is a person who has changed a lot.”

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