Is Making Friends in Your 30s THAT Hard?

5 Ways From Livebeam to Get Out There and Meet New Companions

Friendship is important in our daily lives. Having people around to check up on us and vice versa is essential to healthy living. The older we get, the busier and more occupied we become; sometimes we even get overwhelmed. In this time of cluster, we rarely have time to find friends or even keep in touch with the friends we already have. 

However, all hope isn’t lost, the internet has made things better and platforms have been developed to ease the route. One such solution is Livebeam, a communication platform that we will get into later. This article will help you with plausible solutions to get you socializing within your heavy schedule. They will cover both starting a conversation and maintaining it.

Here are 5 ways that will assist you with making friends in your 30s:

  1. Leave the House

As simple as this might sound, think back to the times you actually left the house to take a stroll during your leisure hours. It takes a level of motivation and will to dress up and decide to up and leave the house when all you need is rest. With the increased level of introversion since the pandemic, this is becoming a more difficult task than usual.

Surely, when you leave the house, there’s the issue of where you are going to go or what you are going to do. 

These are some suggestions that you could do depending on your preference:

  • Take a stroll or drive around the park.
  • Visit crowded recreational areas like amusement parks, malls, and zoos.
  • Chat up old friends and see if they want to hang out.
  • Volunteer for community development programs.
  • Do some early morning workouts etc.
  1. Say “Yes” to Invites

Sometimes having where to go or what to do have been made quite easy but we tend to evade them. We get invites from colleagues, family, friends, and even acquaintances but our usual reply is “I have so much going on right now, I can’t make it.” Although this could be true for a good amount of time, other times we just don’t want to go. Accepting these invites is one way you can get yourself to maintain the relationships you have and create new ones during these engagements.

Accepting invites works both offline and online. On Livebeam, you can also be invited to chat by people who want to connect on a specific topic. You can give them a chance. The Livebeam community is filled with people of good intent and practice, they have respect for everyone and support diversity. Loosening up can be the first step to making friends at an age where you think there isn’t any more cordial relationship to be attained.

  1. Start New Hobbies That Get You Out of the House

Going back to the point about leaving the house and what to do when you leave, hobbies are a go-to area. As adults, relationships happen quite naturally after the encounter, so it helps to focus on the encounter. Making friends in your 30s is as easy as finding new hobbies. The hobbies get you out, and create encounters – human instinct takes it from there.

A fun way to do this is to pick hobbies that you are not initially good at. This drives you to learn. In learning, you come across different techniques,  different ideas, and most importantly different people. Some cool hobbies include attending cooking classes, pottery classes, going to the gym, and planning events.

  1. Take Part in Competitions

Competitions are know to be a thing of opposition and antagonising but they do have a social end to them. 

During competitions, you learn about people, get to know their abilities and come up with ways to take them down. Once the competition is over the knowledge gained about them doesn’t leave. Not also forgetting that for you to be in competition with someone, you both have something in common. Take for example 2 great Chess players in a competition; once that’s over, they become 2 people who really love Chess. That could turn into a relationship stronger than the competition they had.

This could be a follow-up to the previous point. After learning and socializing with a new hobby, go into competitions and events related to said hobbies. You would meet more people, have more conversations, and make new friends.

  1. Sign up to Livebeam!

There couldn’t be an easier option than a communication platform suited to your needs. Livebeam was established to solve the problem of loneliness and the dearth of communication among people around the age of 30. Livebeam understands the need to find easier means to connect with interesting individuals and make it easier to meet new people. As an adult, making friends in your 30s hasn’t been easier.

The features on Livebeam improve an already admirable platform. They make:

  • Finding a chatting mate is easy

With a search feature that lets you find people with ease based on your chosen criteria, it helps you locate the most suitable companions to chat with, and the best part is that they are always ready to respond.

  • Communication invites made simple

You could find someone to chat with all over the internet but have no idea how to let them know you are interested in a conversation. With Livebeam, this is made easy with the “invite to chat”. This directly lets the other person know of your interests and kickstarts a healthy conversation.

  • Meeting someone new is fun

A standout point of Livebeam is that it doubles as a streaming platform. As users, you can watch streams and enjoy quality content. While watching, you can find people watching similar streams and start a conversation or invite them to chat.

In Conclusion

Do not give in to the notion that your 30s are too busy a time to make friends. By motivating yourself to step out and cultivating activities that place you in the surroundings of people, you can easily make friends, business partners, and companions from the kind of people you meet. There are also a couple of online solutions to this problem, with Livebeam providing a site for healthy interactions and friendships. With proper implementation of these steps, you will make a couple of friends in no time – no matter the age.