Is Molotov’s ‘Carnal de las Estrellas’ inspired by Luis de Llano?

After the singer sasha sokol broke the silence about her relationship with the producer Louis of Llanosocial networks began to connect the dots about what happened in that period of time.

There are even those who assure the song “The Carnal of the Stars” by Molotovis strongly inspired by the controversial relationship between the singer of Timbiriche with her manager, since by the way he was several years older than her.

In the lyrics of the song, several details could well be interpreted about what happened between the two and themselves that Sasha Sokol revealed a few hours ago on her networks, as in AmericanPost.News We inform you.

The story behind Molotov’s song “El Carnal de las Estrellas”

It was in 1998 when the controversial group Molotov included the topic “The Carnal of the Stars” in his new record production, calling attention to the lyrics and content directed at the producer of Televisa.

“This Carnal of the Stars only wants to sleep with them….

If you bump into a guy named De Llano

Who wants to bayonarte and shake your hand

That I don’t want to throw it back

Do not leave because there is still more

That I don’t want to throw it back

Do not let yourself be man, because there is still more.

He doesn’t give a damn if they’re gentlemen.”

Even in the past the producer was interviewed by Blonde Olallo for his movie”Gimme The Power” about their relationship with the topic, responding as follows.

“I have a little exercise that I do when a pretty girl comes to my office asking me for a job. I have done it several times, and sometimes I have had up to six or seven waiting. So I feel her and tell her you want to be a star and you want to succeed. You look nice; in the photos you look good, you have a good look, “she narrates.

From Flat that in the castings he asked them to turn around and that the girls got nervous, however he gave them a peculiar answer.

“Well, look, I’m going to make you rich and famous, but I have one condition, ‘one condition?’ offend or take it the wrong way, but it’s very important to me and I’m going to be very honest and direct with you: I swear I’m going to make you the star of all stars (…) but when you’re rich and famous, I won’t I want to see again in my life”.

With the aforementioned and after the recent statements by Sasha Sokol, the networks now accuse the director of pedophilia and strongly relate him to the content of the topic of Molotov.

What happened between Luis de Llano and Sasha Sokol?

What happened between Luis de Llano and Sasha Sokol?

As we have previously told you at the beginning of this note, social networks and entertainment found out last night, Tuesday, March 08, that the singer sasha sokol decided to break the silence about the abuse he suffered from his music producer.

“When the relationship began, I was 14 and he was 39. I was in Vaselina with Timbiriche and I was clearly a girl. We were together for almost 4 years,” said the singer in a series of messages.

About the fact itself Louis of Llano He recognized it weeks ago in an interview with Yordi Rosado, which you can find on the communicator’s YouTube channel.

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