Is Tecatito Corona signed by Sevilla? This is what is known

The signing, carried out with maximum discretion, and it is that apparently the Tecatito Corona is signed by Sevillaso only the last fringes with Porto would be pending today.

The foregoing began to be rumored, after several sports sources spoke about a minimum transfer amount since the Mexican ends his contract with the Portuguese club next June.

AmericanPost.News He had already reported that the fans wanted Tecatito Corona to return to Rayados, but now there seems to be an agreement between Sevilla and the player for the remainder of the course and three more seasons.

Is Tecatito Corona signed by Sevilla?

What delays the agreement so that it is confirmed that Tecatito Corona is signed by Sevilla? Jesús Corona, 29, arrived at Porto in June 2015.

The fact that Porto will play this game this Wednesday has delayed the agreement. So that confirmation that Tecatito Corona is signed by Sevilla It has not yet been possible, but the player’s wish is to land in Seville on Thursday to place himself under the orders of his new coach with the utmost urgency.

Let’s remember that Tecatito was one of Julen Lopetegui’s requests since he arrived on the Sevilla bench. But it was its high price ruled it out in the last transfer windows but the sports management team led by Monchi has been very attentive to the Mexican player.

And now is when he has decided to enter the scene taking advantage of the end of the contract at the end of the season.

What has become of Tecatito Corona?

Jesús Corona, 29, arrived at Porto in June 2015.

Jesús Corona, 29, arrived at Porto in June 2015 from Dutch Twente. The ex Rayados de Monterrey has played 17 games this season with Sergio Conciençao’s team, with whom he has not had an excessive role.

With the Portuguese team he has won two leagues, two Super Cups and a Portuguese Cup, reaching the award of “Footballer of the Year” in the 2019/2020 season.

With the strategic movement of Sevilla’s sports management, Lopetegui ensures that he has a player who was already at his command when the Basque coach coached Porto. The versatility and experience of the Mexican, as well as his speed are highly valued in the Seville club.

At the moment it is only necessary to really wait if Tecatito Corona is signed by Sevilla or it has only been a rumor, but apparently it is a matter of time to confirm the signing.

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