Is the Champions League final in danger? UEFA calls an emergency meeting to discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The world of sports was shaken after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Champions League final is in danger, since it was originally going to be held on May 28 in Saint Petersburg. However, before the outbreak of war, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin convened an extraordinary meeting as a matter of urgency on the issue.

And it is that despite the conflict between the European nations, no party had been taken regarding the Champions League final, which for logical reasons, was going to be impossible to play in Russia. In addition, the Not having changed the venue for the final created a lot of pressure by important figures within the European Union, as is the case of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who flatly rejected the possibility of it being played in Russia.

It seems to me unacceptable that major international football tournaments, such as the Champions League final or any other, can be held in Russia after the invasion of a sovereign country,” Boris said.

Given the evolution of the war and the pressure that has been generated around sporting events (mainly the Champions League final), The UEFA Executive Committee will meet this Friday to discuss matters of great importance, among which the confrontation between Russia and Poland stands outa match corresponding to the playoff for the World Cup in Qatar, and make a decision on the venue for the Champions League final.

In the event that the venue is finally changed and the Champions League final is not in Saint Petersburg, the main candidates to host the final are Germany and England.