Is the end of the ‘Canelo’ era approaching? The Mexican revealed at what age he will retire from boxing and what he will do after

Photo: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Due to several rumors that have been gaining strength on social networks, ‘Canelo’ Álvarez decided to deny several of these assumptions in a dynamic that he carried out with the GQ Sport team and where he also gave clues as to what his retirement from boxing would be. professional and what you will do once you hang up the gloves.

In the dynamics with GQ Sport, the man from Guadalajara read part of his biography on Wikipedia where he declared in 2020 that his intention was to retire from boxing at the age of 37 to be able to dedicate himself to his business and be able to play golf every day.

Although he did not make it clear if he still has the idea of ​​retiring at the age of 37, he did say that he wants to spend a lot of time playing golf once he is no longer boxing professionally.

“Well, yes. The truth is that it is a sport that I discovered recently, three years ago, and I really enjoy it. It’s very competitive with oneself, very difficult and that’s why I like it too much and well yes, once I retire I plan to play golf every day,” he asserted.

Finally, he commented that once he retires, he has no doubt that his name will be written among the best boxers in history.

“At the end of my career, in my retirement, they will put me among the best, that without a doubt, but to assure that I am the best Mexican fighter of all time, I cannot say that,” he said.