Is the iPhone going to be in short supply? China confines Apple’s main factory area

After the confinement of the area of ​​the main iPhone factory in China, the question to ask is if there will be a shortage?

Because of Covid-19, China has confined the main area of the iPhone factory, raising questions about whether it could become scarce.

This after China imposed this very Wednesday, November 2, confinement on the area surrounding the world’s largest Apple iPhone phone factory in the city of Zhengzhou.

The area is home to approximately 600,000 people, more than 350,000 working at the Foxconn factory where the technology giant’s iPhone is built.

Chinese lockdown
China lockdown (Andy Wong / AP)

Will the iPhone be in short supply after China’s lockdown over the area of ​​its main factory?

While it’s a blow to Apple to be confined around its main iPhone factory, shortages won’t be part of it for the time being.

Last September, the tech giant Apple announced that it would outsource some of its production to India, where about 3% of the production of iPhone manufacturing was carried out last year, exactly in 2021.

According to analysts quoted in the press, the industrial complex in China has three factories that ensure the assembly of about 80% of the iPhone 14, Apple’s latest model.

iPhone 14 ProMax
iPhone 14 Pro Max (Apple)

Foxconn, the main factory of the iPhone, applies measures to avoid a shortage of the iPhone.

Despite the confinement in China, the main iPhone factory Foxconn announced measures to avoid shortages.

To motivate employees to show up for work, they will receive a daily bonus of 400 yuan (around $55). This is four times more than the previous allowance of 100 yuan per day (13-14 USD).

In addition, staff who work 15 days or more in November will receive additional bonuses.

This comes despite Foxconn, the main iPhone factory admitting it faced a “long battle” against Covid-19.

As well as complaints from workers who fled the plant because of a Covid outbreak and fear of restrictions.

Apple has not yet made a statement on the confinement in China.

Is the iPhone going to be in short supply? China borders the area of ​​its main factory
Is the iPhone going to be in short supply? China confines the area of ​​its main factory (STR / AFP)