Isa Castro from Acapulco Shore models a very daring interior ensemble

isa castro is a well-positioned model and influencer and became better known by participating in the eighth and ninth seasons of the famous reality show produced by mtv: Acapulco Shore. And a few days ago she wore a spectacular underwear set that has caused a large number of likes, as well as an increase in his followers.

He currently has 539 thousand followers on his official Instagram account and in the publication made on the same platform he obtained a result of 19, 255 thousand likes and more than one hundred messages.

Isa Castro, modeling a sensual interior outfit. Isa Shore, participant of the eighth and ninth season of Acapulco Shore. Isa Castro kissing with “Chile” in Acapulco Shore.

Another of his television appearances was on another reality show called Inseparable, Love to the Limit, produced by Televisa and Univisión, which began last April. This consists of twelve couples having to prove how strong their love is. Isa Castro was participating with her now ex-boyfriend, the youtuber Rey Grupero.

How did Isa Castro get to Acapulco Shore?

Isa Shore, participant of the eighth and ninth season of Acapulco Shore. Isa Castro kissing with “Chile” in Acapulco Shore.

The famous Mexican model Isa Castro was invited by her friend, another member of the reality show, known as “Foalwhose real name is louis knight. However, his arrival was somewhat conflictive with the other members.

So he had a lot of friction with other participants, mainly with Jacky Ramírez and Rocio Sánchez del Río. Isa Castro herself has commented that she earned the enmity of many. Although she did make a good friendship with “nachaMichelson. Learn more about the other participants of Acapulco Shore in AmericanPost.News.

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What happened to Isa Castro?

Isa Castro kissing with “Chile” in Acapulco Shore.

In addition to her sensual modeling, Isa Castro is on everyone’s lips after the announcement that her relationship with Rey Castro has ended. About, isa castro She has mentioned that she is very affected because she still says she loves him and that she prefers to avoid seeing him, because it will affect her to know when he already has a new girlfriend.

He also comments that the problems in their relationship began after an episode of the ninth season of Acapulco Show kissed “Chili”, Edward Miranda, who was his former partner. This caused them to have several fights, so Isa Castro and Rey Grupero were known as the toxic couple of Inseparable.

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