Isaac Moreno accused of exploiting Galilea Montijo’s fame in suspected PR stunt

Dive into the swirling rumors surrounding the blossoming beachside romance between Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno. Love or a career move?

After being caught with her handsome boyfriend, Spanish model Isaac Moreno, Galilea Montijo is in the eye of the storm, especially for her recent divorce from Fernando Reina Iglesias.

However, it seems that her happiness will not last long; or at least that’s what Javier Ceriani says in “Chisme No Like,” and assures that the model only wants her for her fame and money.

He even commented that the romance could be a lie; in American Post News, we share with you all the details.

Who is Galilea Montijo’s new partner?

El nuevo novio de Galilea Montijo se aprovecha de ella, sólo quiere su fama y su dinero
Galilea Montijo is on the beach with her new boyfriend.

Although it was already rumored that Galilea Montijo was getting a new beau, a few days ago, some pictures and videos were leaked where she is delighted on the beaches of Holbox with this handsome young man.

You can see the couple all happy in the Mayan paradise, where they stayed at the luxurious hotel ‘Aldea Cuca,’ which charges 5 thousand pesos per night, enjoying the place for 4 days.

Might be interesting:

Although they tried to hide from people, the paparazzi caught them on the beach in very romantic moments.

They say that Isaac Moreno is using Galilea Montijo.

El nuevo novio de Galilea Montijo se aprovecha de ella, sólo quiere su fama y su dinero
Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno.

Although everything seems to be going smoothly for the Hoy host, journalist Javier Ceriani dropped a strong bombshell saying that all this romance is produced and it’s just marketing for both of them.

He said that the model always surrounds himself with gay men, so it is rumored that he belongs to the LGBT+ community; another theory indicates that the model sees in Galilea an opportunity to climb in Mexico since the tapatía is very famous and would be very useful for his career.

So far, neither Galilea Montijo nor Isaac Moreno has commented on these photographs.