Who is Alejandra Esquer, Carín León’s wife?

Find out who is the wife and woman who won the heart of Mexican singer Carín León.

Oscar Armando Diaz de Leon, better known as Carin Leon, is one of the most popular Mexican regional music singers. Although the artist is very reserved with his personal life, he has not hidden that he is very much in love and married the woman of his dreams. Here, we tell you who Alejandra Esquer is, Carín León’s wife.

The young woman from Sonora conquered the singer’s heart, and they joined their lives in 2019. Due to the pandemic, the interpreter of “No Es Por Acá” celebrated his marriage on December 4, 2021, and threw the house out the window, as there were great artists to liven up the party held in an event hall in Hermosillo.

Who is Carín León’s wife?

Although little is known about Isabel Alejandra Esquer’s life, in her social networks, she has published the important moments she has shared with the artist, photographs with her friends and family, and even some trips and visits to luxurious restaurants.

She describes herself as passionate about music and puppies. On her Instagram profile, she announced her engagement to Carín León and posted a series of photographs celebrating with her ladies before their marriage with a special meal.

The singer’s wife is also in charge of his Public Relations, so she accompanies him constantly. The young woman, who is also originally from Hermosillo, always makes sure the singer looks his best every time he goes on stage or has an interview with the media, as she takes care of every detail of his image.

Carín León had confessed that he has a lot of chemistry with his partner, besides having a lot of fun together, and has said that Alejandra appeared in his life when he most needed someone by his side.

The artist had mentioned that when he started dating the beautiful young woman, he composed a song, “El Amor De Tu Vida,” which he recorded as a duet with singer Tony Melendrez. Although he pointed out that it was not the only composition he has dedicated to her, he did not give the details of the other songs.

In a conversation with Blanca Martínez, La Chicuela, Carín León shared that he feels Alejandra Esquer gives him the balance he needs in his life since he is not only the owner of her heart but also a good party companion due to the special bond that exists between the two of them.

The singer has expressed that although they have not become parents for the moment, he wishes to live that experience next to his adored Alejandra Esquer.

Carin León has a catarina tattoo on his forearm in honor of his wife, as he had shared that when his wife was little, her mother used to call her “mariquita.”

Who is Carín León?

Carín León was born on July 26, 1989, in Hermosillo, Sonora. He is a singer, composer, and guitarist of regional Mexican music. Since he was a child, he was interested in the profession, as he grew up surrounded by artists, which is why music was always present in his life.

His musical career began as a member of the group Los Reales. Later he achieved success with Grupo Arranke, where he remained in this for seven years, and in 2018 he launched as a soloist, taking fame with ‘La Vecindad’ and ‘A través del Vaso.’

Now, we leave you with a video from their wedding back in 2021.