Isabel Pantoja lives a terrible crisis: her son does not speak to her and needs psychological support

Isabel dedicated a few words to remember her friend Juan Gabriel.

Photo: Juan Naharro Giménez / Getty

Singer Isabel Pantoja He is facing one of the most difficult moments of his life, and he has already had to deal with countless misfortunes and setbacks in his 65 years of life. It should not be forgotten that the artist was imprisoned in 2014 for her involvement in the ‘Malaya’ corruption plot, at the time when she had a romantic relationship with the then mayor of the city, Julian Muñoz , another of the condemned.

After the death of his beloved mother, Doña Ana, In September of last year, the Spanish tonadillera has assured in some unexpected statements that she feels “orphaned” and abandoned by some of her loved ones, in reference to the public battle she has with her son Kiko Rivera over the inheritance of her ill-fated husband, the bullfighter Paquirri, in addition to other disputes.

During a brief phone call with the program ‘Sálvame’, from Telecinco, the star of the song has celebrated, yes, that love that is so lacking from her relatives –He also maintains a very tense relationship with his daughter Isa, reality TV star – is compensated in some way by the affection of his fans and the psychological assistance he is receiving.

Well, here I go… It’s not easy, I’m not having a good time with my mother. What I least want is to talk ”, she has pointed out in an excerpt from her conversation with the evening space. “I have professionals who help me“, he added below to show that, contrary to what is rumoured, he does not live, much less, locked up in his estate ‘Cantora’: a property located in Cádiz and that has been the subject of numerous seizure attempts as a result of the economic problems suffered by the artist.

Despite her attempts to look to the future and bury the darkest chapters of her past, Isabel Pantoja has not been able to prevent the media resurgence of the aforementioned Malaya case.

Both Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar, wife of the former alderman before his romance with the vocalist, have appeared in a television special to offer their version of what happened and dismantle part of Isabel’s speech. As if that were not enough, it has now emerged that the artist refuses to return the Andalusian Medal that was withdrawn in 2014 after confirming her entry into prison.