Isabel Torres farewell video has two months to live for the actress

  • Actress Isabel Torres publishes farewell video on her Instagram account
  • He played ‘La Veneno’ in ‘Los Javis’ and explains that he suffers from metastasis in his bones from lung cancer
  • He reveals that the doctors have already told him how long he has left to live

The Spanish actress Isabel Torres -who played ‘La Veneno’ in the series’ Los Javis’- has shaken the social networks by publishing through her official Instagram account, a video by way of farewell, as the doctors have given her The worst news is that he has little time left to live, due to a terrible disease he suffers from, lung cancer, according to a publication made by the People en Español news portal.

The actress and television presenter revealed what the health situation she is currently experiencing is like and with the material she published, she left many hearts shattered, especially of her fans who remember her in her participation in the series ‘Los Javis’. On her IG account, the artist currently has more than 100,000 followers with more than 120 publications.


The most recent ones appear without hair and in others with it, but with less weight, which worried his followers because of the lung cancer he suffers. The video is heartbreaking, although she seems to be at peace, the pain and suffering is evident since she says that she suffers from metastasis in some parts of her body, especially in her bones, that is, the cancer that moves to other parts of the body. original place where it started.

The uploaded material lasts 5 and a half minutes and appears physically affected, and until the morning of November 16 it had more than 348 thousand reproductions and more than 7 thousand comments from friends, co-workers, family members and thousands of Followers who could not contain the pain caused by seeing the farewell of the actress who played ‘La Veneno’.

Isabel Torres farewell video: WHAT FAMOUS MEN SAY GOODBYE TO HER?

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In the material, the artist who made ‘La Veneno’, confessed to her audience that in these months her friend has been taking care of her, but also said that her cousin had recently died, which is why several celebrities such as Ricky Merino and Paula Echevería left comments that penetrated the other followers, the feeling of many was of helplessness because they could not do anything about it.

Currently the actress is 52 years old, was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canario on July 14, 1969 and in addition to working in the media, she is a businesswoman and is recognized for her participation in the entertainment world, but in the In recent months his health deteriorated and upon receiving the news, he decided to say goodbye to his loved ones.


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The same actress who made ‘La Veneno’ said verbatim that this material would be her “last video” and immediately explained the reasons: “I have had a little more bone metastases.” Regarding the reason for the video, he said: “It’s only for that, that I love you very much. They don’t know what hurts me. The pain is the worst thing I have, but hey, it is what it is. I wanted to say hello to everyone who is greeting me right now, but I can’t ”.

The pain was evident on his face and he captured it in his own words and expressions of effort on his face: “It hurts a lot, it hurts a lot, a lot, a lot, but good is what there is. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and that life is so beautiful and you have to live it… Let’s see if I get over it and if not, life is so capricious ”.

Isabel Torres farewell video: HOW LONG DOES HER LEFT TO LIVE?

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One of the messages that most captivated people was the one of gratitude he had towards the fans: “who have been by my side, who have always supported me a lot” and also to his family and friends “. And it is that in her most recent publications and this one, the followers have not left her alone and have expressed messages of encouragement to move forward, but she has chosen to tell them that she no longer has much time to live.

And it is that she herself confesses that in her last review, the doctors have given her only two months to live, due to the adverse conditions that her body presents. But he gave the saddest words when he explained what will happen at those two tables and even revealed that this could be the last video that the actress who played ‘La Veneno’ could upload to social networks. To see the video click here.


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So he sent a message to everyone and pointed out why it could be his last video uploaded to his official Instagram account, for which he also thanked the people with whom I work in various parts: “everything, radio, television has been wonderful ”, He was also able to give names and people whom he thanked for their experience in show business and beyond.

But her ‘farewell’ was the most shocking thing for the actress with lung cancer: “A big kiss to all. If I leave this one, I will reconnect and if I don’t, it has been a pleasure to meet you, be with you and live, live this beautiful experience called life. I send you a huge kiss, very big, take good care of yourselves, see you soon if God wants and if not, see you in heaven ”. Filed Under: Isabel Torres Farewell Video


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It was in 2018 that the doctors detected lung cancer in the actress, so she began to be treated, however, she could not recover and the more time passed, it worsened, so she had a relapse. In the video, she appears with effort, but the pain did not allow her to be comfortable, so it was more shocking for those who could see it.

In her career, she has made great presentations, in addition to being an activist for the LGBT community. When she performed ‘La Veneno’, this role awarded her the Ondas Award in 2020 in the category of “Best female performer in national fiction”, she was also in programs such as Channel No 4, DEC and The Ana Rosa program ”, among others. Filed Under: Isabel Torres Farewell Video


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The reactions were immediate and the actress Ester Exposito sent her a short, but very special message: “I send you all my strength and support Isabel”, also the Spanish artist Itziar Castro told her the following: “Isabel pretty, I’m with you, I send you all the energies of the world, you are wonderful and an example. I love you. Strength ”, on his part, Amor Romeira told him:“ Oh my Isabel! You are a warrior and until the last minute always with your smile! I love you and I send you a lot of FORCE! ”.

Other people from the entertainment world joined the messages of encouragement, user alexrodrigueztv said: “In a few months we will celebrate in Miami that all this was a lesson that life wanted to give us. I adore you. From here I send you all my good energy so that you can get out of this soon. My great warrior ”, in turn the user edenthedoll wrote:“ ISABEL TORRES: A LEGEND! We adore you! Thank you for everything you have done for your community. You have changed my life and so many others! My inspiration, thinking of you and sending you positive energy ”.