Israel starts application of fourth dose of anticovid vaccine

Israel start application of fourth dose from anticovid vaccine, hoping to mitigate the effects of a new wave of infections. The campaign that began this Friday, launched a campaign aimed at vulnerable people.

An exact year after launching a great campaign of vaccination thanks to an agreement with the giant Pfizer pharmacist, and about six months after starting to administer the booster dose, the health authorities gave the green light on Thursday for this fourth dose of vaccine to be inoculated to immunosuppressed people.

Since this Friday, the doses of Pfizer vaccine in Israel are administered at the Sheba hospital, located in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, to people who have had, for example, heart transplants.

Israel first country to apply fourth dose of anticovid vaccine

Health authorities gave the green light on Thursday for this fourth dose to be inoculated

This hospital began to apply a fourth dose of vaccine against COVID-19 to its health workers on Monday, as part of a test.

The administration of a fourth dose was also authorized this Friday for people housed in nursing homes and for patients in geriatric departments, according to the Ministry of Health.

As we have mentioned in other informative notes of AmericanPost.News, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared last week that all Israelis over 60 and medical personnel would be entitled to a fourth dose, but this decision has yet to be approved by the Health Ministry.

The Israeli authorities registered 4 thousand new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, a record since September that, however, has not been translated so far by a significant increase in hospitalizations.

The study on the efficacy of a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 is based on a sample of 6,000 people, including 150 members of the medical teams of the Sheba Hospital, located in a suburb of Tel Aviv, where it is carried out. the experiment.

The objective is to determine the effect of this new booster dose on the level of antibodies and on the prevention of contagion.

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