“It happened in front of his children. It was traumatic”, he dies on a plane and they fly 8 hours with the corpse

Hong Kong.- What was the beginning of a new life for Helen Rhodes, 46ended in one of the greatest tragedies that her two children and husband will experience, since died during a flight from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, his native country.

The death in the middle of the plane was not the worst of the situation, but his relatives and other passengers traveled more than 8 hours with the body on boardwhere he was because he wanted to start a new life after being away from home for 15 years.

“She was excited and nervous (…) she wanted to see her parents (…) Unfortunately, she could never do it,” you can read on a website where her story was shared to raise funds that will be used for the funeral .

On the page of GoFundMecreated by her friend Jayne, it was detailed that the woman died while sleeping in her seat, a situation described as “extremely traumatic for the family”, who tried to revive her in vain.

“He had time to tell him everything they needed to say,” can be read on the website as a consolation for his loved ones.

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The body of Helen Rhodes was lowered from the aircraft in Frankfurt, Germany, although her husband Simon, and her daughters Nathan and Emma continued their move to the United Kingdom. The lifeless body stayed for a while in the European country, where they carried out medical tests.