“It is better not to get in the way”: Carlos Vela ratified his departure from Tri

the gunner Carlos candle it is becoming more and more clear that He has not the slightest intention of returning to the Mexican national team.and every time they ask him about that possibility, he answers just as emphatically.

Vela is not interested in wearing the Tri colors again, nor anything that relates it to the selectionand that was ratified again in an interview with Carlos Hermosillo from Telemundo.

The striker assured that just as he is not interested in playing again in the team led by Gerardo “Tata” Martino, prefer to stay away the more possible.

“In your career and in life, you make decisions, and everything goes according to happiness, including where you want to be and where you don’t. in your career You have had the opportunity to decide things that may not look so good, but that make you better as a person“, The soccer player replied to Carlos Hermosillo.

“I can decide and I think that when you are not well and you do not want to be one hundred percent on one side, it is better not to interfere“, continued the attacker of Los Angeles FC.

Vela’s goal is to achieve become Major League Soccer (MLS) champion with his team, and works on it to materialize it.

This Wednesday the All-Star Game between Liga MX and MLS took place, and Vela scored the first goal of the match in minute three.

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