It is serious? Daughter of Aída Cuevas has a brutal car accident

Mexico. Valeria Cuevas, the daughter of singer Aída Cuevas, suffered a car accident and it is they themselves who on Instagram make the public aware of how it happened.

Through a video that Valeria and her mother Aída Cuevas share on their social networks, they mention that fortunately everything ended in a tremendous scare and the young woman is recovering.

The car in which Valeria was traveling was a total loss, but the most important thing is that she is in perfect health and only came out with slight bruises and some fractures, she has already been treated and will rest for several days.

“She is fine, fortunately she has a second-degree neck sprain, because you know the terror came, firefighters came in a small car, then all the gasoline came out; we ended up in the hospital, it was a pretty heavy day”, says Aída Cuevas.

In the video Valeria Cuevas is seen wearing a collar and addresses the public and his fans to tell them that he is fine. “Everything remains in material, I was just in my car and the person in the other car was very well, now it is a scare.”

Valeria Cuevas has already become known as a singer in the Mexican regional and her famous mother supports her in her desire to become one of the best singers in Mexico.

Valeria has prepared herself to be an artist and since she was a teenager she has studied modeling, acting and has worked as a voice actress and host as well, and in September 2021 she presented her first song Las traicionadas, written by her brother Diego Cuevas, co-authored with Arturo from the source.

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In an interview with the media, Valeria cited in that month that her first album will be released in the first quarter of 2022 and this year there will be two other singles, including a duet with his mother Aída Cuevas.

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