It was not for privacy, it was for an exclusive: Carlos Calderón and his partner present León

It was not for privacy, it was for an exclusive: Carlos Calderón and his partner present León

Carlos Calderón.

Photo: Carlos Calderón / Courtesy

It was not for privacy, it was for an exclusive … Carlos Calderón and his partner, Vanessa Lyon, finally present their baby León, on the cover of People en Español.

Carlitos, who used to be one of the most open talents when it comes to showing his life, has turned it into a Televisa-style mystery series since the engagement.

Just as it did with past announcements, history repeated itself, and It wasn’t that she was preserving her baby’s privacy, but the presentation was for the cover of People en Español magazine, publication in which he also revealed, before his show, ‘Wake up America’, that they were engaged and expecting a baby.

Almost at the end of the program, the same day that Francisca Lachapel returned from her maternity ward, Calderón, together with Kika Rocha, a spokeswoman for said magazine, presented the cover and Carlitos even presumed saying that the photographer in charge of the session said that she had been the best of all the ones he had done.

What surprised was the claim made by Alan Tacher, when he told him: “We finally meet him!”… Given this we decided to find out and we found out that his companions, like the whole public, met León at that time, because Calderón would never have shared a photo of his puppy with us.

The baby, who is a real beauty, posed with his parents and alone in the typical photos of a newborn that you can find in the album of any happy family with their blessing brought to the world.

A few days ago, in a question and answer session with his followers on Instagram, Vanessa, León’s mother and Carlitos’ partner, he told many of his a little more than 88 thousand followers that she did not show her son’s face because she did not want to, that it had been her decision.

But as usually happens in these cases, in which some talent decides to give an exclusive to a publication, it was not a personal decision for something special, but they had a commitment to a magazine.

The truth is that, in this new chapter, we already know the little letter to the beautiful baby, we already know his name and, although when Calderón said that they were pregnant at 8 months he said he did it so as not to obscure the birth of Gennaro, he chose to present Calderoncito the day of Francisca’s return. Congratulations to the dads!



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