It was revealed that FC Barcelona has a millionaire debt with Lionel Messi

It was revealed that FC Barcelona has a millionaire debt with Lionel Messi

The lawyers of both parties would be determining the term to cancel the debt.

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In France, the effervescence continues due to the arrival of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain. In Barcelona they try to erase the Argentine, turn the page and continue on a new beginning without “La Pulga”. However, the Catalan team has not fully closed its ties with Leo. Reports indicate that the Blaugrana team owes $ 61.3 million to the new PSG player.

The reports of the Sport newspaper have confirmed the debt that persists between Barcelona and the Argentine. The figure is really significant and is due to a deferred salary that the club agreed with the players during the COVID-19 pandemic. This pact was made by the former president of the institution, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The treaty consisted of a new negotiation of the contracts after the tournaments were paralyzed.

In this sense, the club owes that figure to “La Pulga”. The amount is part of the loyalty as stipulated in 2020. The reports indicate that the lawyers for Barcelona and Lionel are negotiating the term to cancel the debt. The time is expected to be defined between the remainder of the year and 2022.

Under these circumstances, Barcelona still will not be able to say “past trodden” in relation to its link with Lionel Messi. Until the club pay off that debt, the talks between the two will continue.

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