Italian reporter would have been “threatened” to arrive naked at Camp Nou if Barcelona thrashed Bayern

Photo: Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

This Tuesday, the actions of the most prestigious club-level tournament in the world resume: the UEFA Champions League. FC Barcelona will visit Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena for the second day of Group C. It is a high-tension duel because the Germans have submitted to the azulgranas during the last two editions.

In this sense, users of social networks were responsible for viralizing a supposed challenge of the Italian presenter Diletta Laotta, who would have promised to arrive naked at the Camp Nou for the second leg if Barcelona defeated Bayern by a 3-goals difference. Some Turkish media reviewed this rumor.

Regardless of the number of posts and memes shared by netizens, the reality is that Leotta never said anything about the challenge, so there will be no topples in case the Catalans break with the Bavarian hegemony in the Champions League. These speculations circulated in Turkey because the reporter was the girlfriend of Turkish actor Can Yaman.

Who is Diletta Leotta?

With more than 8 million followers on Instagram, Diletta Leotta is one of the best-known reporters on the soccer planet, not only for her talent on camera but also for her physical attractiveness.

The 31-year-old Italian works as a presenter for the streaming sports company DAZN for the Serie A matches. Previously, she covered Series B for the Sky Sports channel.