Italy bans travel and restaurant entry to unvaccinated

In the midst of the increase in infections of COVID-19 in Italy, the government announced new restrictions on people who do not vaccinate, which come into force as of this Monday, January 10, as a measure to stop infections.

The new measures imposed by the authorities prohibit the unvaccinated from entering restaurants or public places as well as traveling by plane within the country, according to local media.

As we made known in AmericanPost.NewsJust a few days ago the government imposed compulsory vaccination on people over 50 years of age, due to the low incidence in vaccination centers.

Italy applies new restrictions for unvaccinated

The use of face masks is mandatory outdoors. The region exceeded 200 thousand infections in one day.

As of this Monday, people who still do not have the COVID-19 vaccine will not be able to access restaurants or travel by plane within the country, while the use of face masks continues as a mandatory measure outdoors.

According to the new measures, the vaccination certificate will be mandatory to access means of transport, in addition to hotels, ceremonies or festivals, as well as to enter bars and public places.

This, after the region registered 220,000 new coronavirus infections in just 24 hours, and although this record number was recorded last Thursday, until Sunday’s cut the incidence continues to rise.

COVID-19 cases in Italy

The region exceeded 200 thousand infections in one day.

Italy, the first European country affected by the coronavirus in early 2020, has registered close to 140,000 dead. In the last 24 hours, the country registered 197 thousand 552 new cases of COVID-19, which increases the number of cases to 7 million 281 thousand 297 since the start of the pandemic.

Given the increase in infections and the large number of people who refuse to apply the vaccinated, the minister, Mario Draghi announced that this Monday the fines for the unvaccinated in Italy will be agreed.

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