Itatí Cantoral and Fabiola Guajardo: Soraya Montenegro from ‘Los Ricos Tambien Lloran’ and ‘María la del Barrio’ meet and pose for photos

Itatí Cantoral She has become an icon of Mexican soap operas thanks to her villain in “María la del Barrio.” The legendary character of Soraya Montenegro resurfaced again in the era of memes due to her extravagant personality and exaggerated acting.

As many know, “María la del Barrio” was an adaptation of “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran” that had previously been made with Veronica Castro and Roger War. In its 2022 version, claudia martin and Sebastian Rulli They play the main characters. Is Fabiola Guajardo who gives life to the new Soraya Montenegro and although she is not as exaggerated as the character that Itatí played, her essence is just as Machiavellian.

For Fabiola it is surely a great honor to play the character of Soraya and she seems to be a great fan of Itatí’s work. She is such an admirer that she went to see Itatí in her new play and they both shared a moment behind the scenes where they took photos together.

“Soraya 1995 – Soraya 2022,” Guajardo posted on Instagram. “It’s not the same, but it’s the same. #DamnCrippled. Life brings us together again without getting together… I adore you Cantoral!!!

Guajardo also took the opportunity to invite all his followers to go see Cantoral at the theater with the play “Alone In The Darkness” since he says it is “a delight [verla] on stage”.

Itatí Cantoral also shared the same series of photos on her Instagram profile adding, “My beautiful little sister @fabiolagdo, the new Soraya Montenegro. love you“.

Fabiola answered him and put, “I adore you queen!!

Fans were quick to leave their comments, with many praising the success of both.

“Excellent actresses from Mexico,” replied a fan. “I love them,” one follower posted. “Soraya and Sorayita,” added one admirer. “The two Sorayas” could also be read in the comments.

At the time of launching the telenovela “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran”, the profile of the new Soraya Montenegro is described as follows.

“Soraya Montenegro is a beautiful, haughty and arrogant woman. Selfish and ambitious. Of a strong and willful character”, can be read in the profile. “Dress in designer clothes and use the best perfumes. Used to getting what she wants by cunning, not caring who she has to step on to get it. She is manipulative, spiteful and ill-feeling.”

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