Itatí Cantoral asked for the health of Carmelita Salinas: “She is like my mother”

Itati Cantoral and Carmen Salinas Photo Instagram @itatic_oficial @ carmensalinas_56

Itatí Cantoral he regretted the complicated state of health that he is currently going through Carmen Salinas placeholder image and recalled some of the great lessons that the renowned actress of the Ficheras cinema both professionally and personally.

Carmelita Salinas remains hospitalized StarMédica since last November 10. During these 13 days, the 82-year-old actress has been in a coma from a stroke that occurred naturally in the brain stem and is struggling to wake up.

Throughout this time, many figures from the middle of the show have spoken about their experience as close friends of Carmen Salinas and have asked for her speedy recovery. On this occasion, Itatí Cantoral took advantage of the presentation of her clothing line to share how she feels about the complicated health panorama that someone who considers a mother is going through.

Who I love as if she were my mom. It is a very difficult moment for me because my mother died and now this woman who is like my mother …[suspiró]. Miracles exist, let’s hope in God, let’s keep praying that he is better“, He said in the statements recovered by Today.

The actress of Until the money do us part He nostalgically recalled the actions and learnings full of love that Carmelita Salinas has left him over the years. In addition, he spoke about the support that the Coahuilense gave him when he chose her to star Adventuress.

She showed me, with her love and with her affection, and through all his art, his films, his soap operas and Aventurera, the great capacity she has to be a woman”He continued.

PHOTO: Youtube / Carmen Salinas Official 1
PHOTO: Youtube / Carmen Salinas Official 1

It was in 1997 when Carmen Salinas debuted as a producer with one of the most successful productions in the country. It was nothing more and nothing less than an adaptation of Aventurera, a story that shone in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema under the leading role of the Cuban Ninón Seville.

For years many actresses have given life to “Elena Terejo”, Among which stand out Edith González, Niurka, Adriana Fonseca, Lorena Rojas, Susana González, Sabine Moussier and Itatí Cantoral herself, who had previously declared that she considered both she and González had been the best.

Regarding the progress in the health of Carmen Salinas, her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia assured that in the next few days the actress will be subjected to a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy, two surgical procedures necessary for the cleaning of phlegm, as well as to ensure her nutrition, are more easy.

“Soraya Montenegro” had a special appearance in an advertisement for “Orange is the new black”

Without further ado, the actress who to this day is remembered for her role as “Soraya Montenegro“In the novel Maria, the one from the neighborhood He talked about his clothing and accessories line inspired by said character. Cantoral decided to sell clothes with his image to support vulnerable women affected by violence.

In addition, she spoke about her position on the problems that women face in their daily lives and revealed that she has also been a victim of certain acts: “Of course I have received violence since I was a child and discrimination. I have had differences for simply being a woman, if I have lived it”, He said in his same presentation.

She also expressed that she wants to instill in her daughter María Cruz a strong self-esteem and pointed out that she would like her to learn to defend herself from the injustices that still surround women, although this causes her criticism for being aggressive: “I do want a daughter to defend herself , to set limits and to say: ‘This is not’. For many that is being aggressive, I prefer to be aggressive to be left. Girls we better be aggressive”, He concluded.


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