Itatí Cantoral lights up the networks by showing his ability in Pole Dance on Instagram

There are artists that without a doubt everything they show about their private lives causes a furor, such is the case of one of the villains most remembered by the public is ‘Soraya Montenegro’, a role that was played to perfection by Itatí Cantoralwho has stood out for his participation in various productions, including the bioseries of Doña Silvia Pinal.

Nevertheless, the beautiful 47-year-old actress does not stop cultivating herself and bringing art to all levels of her lifeproof of this are the continuous courses in which he enrolls.

And one of them has to do with a sport that, in addition to being very rhythmic and sensual, has multiple variants. Said physical activity is dance and the style that Itatí Cantoral opted for is one of the most controversial and sexy.

Well, the form of dance that the interpreter of the phrase has practiced lately “What are you doing kissing my Nandito?” It is nothing more and nothing less than pole dance.

This dance dates back to England in the 80’s, and although for a long time it was demonized by conservative societytoday it is a discipline that many women and men practice to strengthen their self-esteem, improve their flexibility and outline their silhouette.

For this reason, proud of its effort and the achievements it has achieved so far, Itatí Cantoral shared a photo where he is seen holding on to a tube with the help of his arms and one of his legs.

The image, in addition to being aesthetic and sensual, shows the flexibility of the actress, who appreciated the comments of some of her fans, who did not hesitate to applaud her desire to continue learning.

Keep going, the best is yet to come! When you learn something new you look so pretty!”Itatí Cantoral wrote in the publication that already has more than 3 thousand likes.

Among the comments made by her followers, those that focus on telling her how beautiful she looks and how much this discipline will help her to release stress stand out..

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