Itatí Cantoral will debut at Disney: “Red” is the name of the film

The actress was happy for the movie (Photo: Instagram/@itatic_oficial)

Itatí Cantoral demonstrates once again its versatility in the artistic world. The actress of melodramas returns to acting but this time at the hands of one of the most important production companies in the world and that recently released the streaming version of her: Disney. The also singer will make her debut in the company of the most popular mouse in the world in the film titled Net.

The soap opera villain did not hesitate to make the announcement to all her followers through her social networks, where she not only showed a look very elegant, but with great joy he shared the premiere date, of the production of also pixarwhich will be the next March 11th and that will be available on the digital platform Disney+.

Hello fans of pixarI am Itatí Cantoral and I am happy to be able to share great news with you: I will be participating in the next film by pixar, Net, giving my voice to ming lee and it is a dream for me to be able to participate in a project as huge as a panda. I hope you enjoy this beautiful story as much as I do. Net, from Disney and pixar which premieres exclusively on March 11 only on Disney +, “said the actress.

The actress gives her voice to
The actress gives her voice to “Ming Lee” (Photo: Instagram/@itatic_oficial)

After the announcement of what will be one of the most important projects of the Mexican, in a different facet from what her fans are used to seeing from her, her more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram They did not hesitate to send him their congratulations and best wishes, because despite the fact that the character is not the protagonist, he will have a very important role in the plot.

“Congratulations my Itatí, it looks like you did it very happy”, “Mexicans triumphing as always, Belinda would say”, “We will see this movie just because you are in it”, “I cannot imagine a character of a mother with your voice, but without It will definitely be something I do want to see”, “The movie in general looks weird, but I think the important thing here is that you were given the opportunity in Disney”, “It is always pleasant to have important Mexicans in the voice dubbing and not only extras from other countries”, “Congratulations to our great Itatí Cantoral”, they expressed in the video’s comment box.

Itatí Cantoral - Cover
The actress will have an important role in the children’s film Itatí Cantoral – Portada

Net has as argument a girl named mei lee, who is a thirteen-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl torn between being her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of youth. And, as if her changes in her interests, relationships, and her body weren’t enough, whenever she gets too excited or stressed, she turns into a big red panda.

The film was already released in China, on February 18, however, there was speculation about moving the date so that both Disney +, in the United States, and other countries with the platform already on March 11, 2022 was available, also being released in theaters in countries that do not have it. It is still unknown if it will have an additional cost in the streaming company like some of the mouse movies, as was the case with Black Widow who gave a legal battle with actress Scarlett Johansson.

Itati Cantoral and Yulianna Peniche
Fans do not forget her character “Soraya Montenegro” (Photo: Twitter/@grillitosuena)

In recent days, the actress has been a trend in social networks for the premiere of the remake of Rich people cry toowhere Soraya Montenegro returns to Mexican television through the signal of Televisa and in the United States for Univision. Although the character he now plays has not yet been explored much Fabiola Guajardothe public fondly remembered the “damn cripple” that has made Itatí Cantoral popular in recent years.


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