“It’s fast”: Erling Haaland’s reaction goes viral when he knows how much speed will be Hispanic Julián Álvarez in FIFA 23 [Video]

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

The most popular football simulator in the world, FIFA 23 will officially be released on September 27 but from now on you can begin to know the official averages of the players and In a video presenting the values ​​that Manchester City players will have, a reaction from Erling Haaland went viral.

Attacker Haaland along with Jack Grealish, Cole Palmer and Dutch defender Nathan Ake attended the analysis of the rankings and In one of the speed comparisons, the Hispanic Julián Álvarez came to light.

While the host asked them if they considered that Phil Foden has more or less than Álvarez in the game, the Norwegian and the center back decided that it would be faster but they were surprised that generated the curious gesture.

The interviewer announced that Julián Álvarez will run 76 points out of 100, something that Haaland was not very amused by, who had a reaction as if to say: “how is that going to be possible?”before commenting that the Argentine “is fast”.

In the full video they reveal all the values ​​that the Ciudadanos players will have, highlighting the average 91 that the Belgian midfielder will have Kevin De Bruyne who will be the highest value of all English; next will be the 89 average of the Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson Moraes and Haaland with 88; ‘the spider’ Álvarez was listed as average 78.

Watch the full video of the Manchester City rankings here:

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