It’s official: Chiqui Delgado rejoins ‘Despierta América’

Chiquinquirá Delgado.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

It’s official, Chiquinquirá Delgado rejoins ‘Despierta América’. and it will have its own segment … Since when? About what? And when will you be able to see it? we will tell you below.

As part of the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of Univision’s morning show, Karla Martínez, Francisca Lachapel and Raúl González announced the return of the beloved Venezuelan, who although he was only 2 years driving from the 25, and they will do 10 that he left, his time in ‘Despierta América’ left a great mark.

What will the Venezuelan businesswoman and presenter do on Univision’s morning show? It will have a segment, ‘Improve Your Life with Chiqui’, which will go on Fridays, and where he will give important advice to be in your best spiritual, physical and emotional state, with tips that she has been able to draw from her own experience.

“When one is part of the ‘Despierta América’ family, they always stay with you. I am happy to be back, for now from home, with a segment that wants to give good news in the midst of all this anxiety and stress that we are living, and it is not a secret for anyone who has impacted us in the life of everything, ”Chiqui began explaining to his new companions.

In the first shared the importance of relaxation and what it has meant in your life, especially in the face of events you cannot control. Let’s remember that a few days ago, Jorge Ramos, his partner, said that just beginning the holidays he tested positive for COVID and everyone, except him, had to return to Miami on an emergency basis.

Of course, she also remembered her time in ‘Despierta América’, and how those two years that she was driving not only impacted the lives of viewers, but hers as well.

That first day I was very scared, and Karla, as always, supported me a lot… I have fond memories of ‘Despierta América’, for example On Carlota’s first day of school, the whole team went to cry with me through a little window while Carlota didn’t even look at me… Beautiful memories of Halloween costumes, the follies of Dona Meche, who by the way did not like me veryn … When I went with Pitbull to the ‘Palace of Juices’, the weather with Tom HanksThere are so many unforgettable moments, surprises on Mother’s Day that made one cry ”, said Chiqui.

In In 2012, Chiqui Delgado surprised by announcing that she was leaving the ‘Happiest House on Hispanic Television’, the reason? Like Ana Patricia Gámez did when she left ‘Falling in love’, for her daughters. In your case, He left his house at 4:30 AM and returned when Carlota was at school. His other daughter, Maria Elena, had gone to study in New York, and felt it was time not to miss any of the growth of their ‘babies’.

What he never abandoned was the conduction of ‘Mira Quien Baila’, did other endeavors, some continue and grew and others fell by the wayside. Now she is very committed to his company ‘Kira’, which, like its segment in ‘Despierta América’, aims to improve the quality of life. In this case with vitamins, chocolate, detox and recipes for its famous green juices.



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