It’s over: Adrián Uribe lost his exclusivity with Televisa after 23 years

Adrián Uribe is making big changes in his artistic career (Photo: Instagram/@adrianuribe)

The professional career of Adrian Uribe He has had radical changes in the last year, since he stopped having exclusivity with Televisa in June 2021 and decided to launch independent projects together with his colleagues; On the other hand, he stated that he no longer wants to pigeonhole himself with his characteristic character The Victor.

Since his appearance on the show Yordi Rosadothe actor and comedian announced that he would dedicate his energy to other goals, however, it was in an interview with Ventaneando that he mentioned the end of his exclusive contract with the television station Saint Angel.

“Today I am no longer exclusive to Televisa, in fact I had not said this, it is the first time. Since June of last year I am already free to work in any company, ”he explained on February 23 in Aztec One.

One of Uribe's most famous characters is that of
One of Uribe’s most famous characters is “El Vítor” (Instagram: adrianuribe)

Uribe mentioned that he would not leave Televisa completely and that he felt very grateful to the companymaking it clear that the end of its exclusivity was not the consequence of a disagreement or problem.

“Now I will continue working for Televisa doing some projects. I am obviously very grateful to the company, to Televisa, for so many years of having been there as an exclusive”, he said in conversation with the hosts of Windowing.

The exclusivity of an actor or an actress in a television station implies that they can only make programs, series and other projects with that company. Although Televisa has been more flexible with its talents, in previous decades it was considered a serious betrayal to appear on any competing channel, so there were strong sanctions such as the veto.

Adrián Uribe no longer has exclusivity with Televisa (Photo: REUTERS/Edgard Garrido/File Photo)
Adrián Uribe no longer has exclusivity with Televisa (Photo: REUTERS/Edgard Garrido/File Photo) (EDGARD GARRIDO/)

On the other hand, it is not confirmed that there is a payment involved, but many public personalities have mentioned that, in order to maintain said exclusivity, drivers and actors they receive a certain amount of money in addition to the salary for each project.

Adrián Uribe is developing a joint project with Omar Chaparro and Adal Ramonesthe three comedians founded the company sold outin which all kinds of content will be created, among which will be highlighted shows live.

“We created this production company to start making our own content. So… from here on out to fly”Uribe mentioned. On the other hand, he undertook a comedy show series together with Adal Ramones entitled Chavorucos Tour.

(Photo: Instagram/@adrianuribe)
This will be the comedians’ tour (Photo: Instagram/@adrianuribe)

They will be featured in various cities in the United States starting with Dallas on March 5 and ending with Houston, Texas on June 17.

In August 2021, the television comedian Adrián Uribe had a conversation with the EFE agency and revealed that he could put aside his emblematic character to venture into stand-up routines.

The actor mentioned that although the trucker parody “stayed in the hearts of the people”seeks to continue with his idea of never stagnate and would like to do different activities in his professional career.

(Photo: Instagram/@adrianuribe)
Adrián Uribe will leave aside his character El Vítor so as not to be pigeonholed (Photo: Instagram/@adrianuribe)

“I have always defended being authentic, I don’t know how much I have contributed to comedy, but I know that I have contributed characters that have stayed in people’s hearts (…), my career is at an interesting moment where I will also do other things. ”, he mentioned for EFE.

Contrary to popular belief, “El Vítor” one of Adrián’s most famous characters Uribe, it did not originate on television. The actor confessed for the channel The stars that its characteristic parody was created long before its first appearance on Televisa, which took place on September 7, 2000, when it premiered Rush hour.


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