Ivonne Montero confronts Eduardo Rodríguez; she claims why she denies the romance they had

soap opera actress Ivonne Montero confessed in “The House of Celebrities”Telemundo’s reality show (with a format similar to that of Big Brother), which years ago had a secret romance with actor Eduardo Rodríguez, who is also part of the second season of said reality. According to this beautiful woman, nobody knew about his love relationship, since he asked to keep it hidden.

Some days ago, Yvonne Montero told Luis “Potro” Caballero (participant of Acapulco Shore), having had a love relationship with Eduardo Rodríguez for six years. Back then, the actor had a girlfriend and asked the actress for discretion in this regard to avoid problems.

This confession was made after the Mexican actor and model made a comment in which he stated that he was not willing to date a single mother. Her words hurt Ivonne, because when they kept their affair secret, she was already Antonella’s mother, the result of the relationship she had with the Venezuelan singer Fabio Melanitto.

Recently, Ivonne Montero confronted Eduardo Rodríguezex-husband of actress Vanessa Guzmán, for having denied the love relationship they had a few years ago. “Look, I really talked about it, because I had never talked about it with anyone, I had never opened it with anyone, I opened it because there is a story, because it represents something.”

In addition, He threw all those promises of love in his face and those that now, he no longer remembers. “You made me understand, if you don’t want it to be said, that you offered it to me, that we were going to achieve it and that we were going to be together, you are terrified, my love, you keep things to yourself, you are not sincere and then you no longer remember” .

The actress, 48 ​​years old and originally from Mexico City, could not help crying when revealing to Edward Rodriguez, which despite everything, still has a very special place in his heart. “Perhaps the problem is mine, there is no anger Lalo, I have already closed with you, obviously here with this whole week so complicated how are you not going to be here (in the heart)”.

In another of his claims, He questioned the actor why he constantly asks about his love life. “Suddenly I think that you think I’m not worth it or that I sleep with everyone, all the time you’ve asked me about Zerboni de Potro, you told me: ‘oh, did you already give it to yourself?’, maybe as a joke But that means you don’t know me.”

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Among the few words that Eduardo said, he mentioned that he had entered into a conflict, “here you generated a conflict for me that you haven’t realized, you haven’t realized and now that I bring it to light: ‘no, I didn’t say, you alone put together your story,'” her ex-partner claimed.